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What to Do With Old Water Filters

What to Do With Old Water Filters: Recycle or Reuse?

What to do with old water filters is an often asked question.Water filters are designed to capture the impurities in your water, but these impurities can build up over time. When it does, it is time to get rid of your water filter? So, at this stage, you may have several questions; what to do […]

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Home Master Water Filtration System

Home Master Water Filtration System: An Easy Solution for a Clean Water Supply

Tap water is the go-to source of drinkable water for a lot of people around the world. It’s cheap, convenient and controlled by local governments. While it doesn’t have a “silent killer” status like soda, smoking, or other unhealthy habits, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. Tap water, even when controlled by […]

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Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter

Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter: 10 Cups of Crystal-Clear H2O

Today’s shoppers are now faced with a high number of products, and manufacturers everywhere are claiming that their product is the best. Logically, that can’t be true, and people often get stuck with researching endless listings of items, all of which seem stellar on paper. This becomes a problem when people are looking for ways […]

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Best Water Purifier Pitcher

Best Water Purifier Pitcher: An Easy Way to Get Great-tasting Water

Surely there is a product that can be dubbed the best for any type of service. With so many different water filter models on the market, it’s next to impossible to choose one that fits one person’s specific needs. Let’s try and make it possible by taking a look at three choices for the best […]

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Best Countertop Water Filter Roundup

Best Countertop Water Filter Roundup: Let’s Filter the Options

While competitivity has been a driving mechanism of capitalism, it certainly didn’t make lives easier on shoppers. The market is now filled with tons and tons of products, causing confusion for someone who’s lacking proper knowledge. Getting clean water is essential for a healthy diet, so let’s spend the next minutes by taking a look […]

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What Is a Water Filtration System

What Is a Water Filtration System: All You Need to Know

There are many things the human body can survive without, but water is not one of those. In fact, water accounts for more than two-thirds of our body’s mass. Even if we don’t drink the recommended eight glasses of water each day, we will still be fortunate enough to get water from the food we […]

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How to Purify Tap Water at Home

How to Purify Tap Water at Home: Learn Various Purification Methods

Water purification seems like the new craze these days. People are a bit more conscious of what they put in their bodies and ensure that they take nothing but fresh and safe water. Nowadays, purifying water is no longer difficult, thanks to various purifying devices that are easily available on the market. There are several […]

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What Does Zero Water Filter Remove and How Does It Work

What Does Zero Water Filter Remove and How Does It Work?

What does a zero water filter remove? We live in a time where people are becoming more conscious of their health. They want to know where the products they consume came from and how they are being produced—water is no exception. Water is an essential element for our survival, that’s why we always take extra […]

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Express Water Whole House Water Filter System Review

Express Water Whole House Water Filter System Review

Express Water Whole House Water Filter System Review Not everyone is blessed to live in areas where you can drink straight from the tap. Buying bottled water every day is not only harmful to the environment but the costs can definitely add up exponentially throughout the year. If your heart has a soft spot for the […]

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