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pouring water from the pitcher to the glass

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Good to Drink: Common Misconceptions About RO Water

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Good to Drink?  Common Misconceptions About RO Water A simple quote says that water is life and clean water means good health. Fortunately, many people find this essential for living a good life by choosing to drink more water than soda. A study conducted in 2016 demonstrated that water consumption in […]

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woman drinking a glass of water

What Is Filtered Water: The Purest Way to Drink Water

The argument about the type of water we drink has been ongoing for years. You question whether pipe water is safe to drink and then you further wonder whether or not bottled water is safe to drink. If you decide to drink bottled water, then you will feel almost as though you are contributing to […]

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Filling water in the glass

Best Countertop Water Filter Roundup: Let’s Filter the Options

While competitivity has been a driving mechanism of capitalism, it certainly didn’t make lives easier on shoppers. The market is now filled with tons and tons of products, causing confusion for someone who’s lacking proper knowledge. Getting clean water is essential for a healthy diet, so let’s spend the next minutes by taking a look […]

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Image of sediment water filter

Best Sediment Filter for Well Water: Getting to the Bottom of Things

Water is one of the essential beverages for a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s talk a bit about the best sediment filter for well water and why would such an item be considered the “best” of its kind. There’s an ancient saying that goes something like “Treat your body like a temple”. This means, that any […]

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Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

I hope you like our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review.The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher  is one of the most popular water filter pitcher brands on the market today. A lot of people choose this product despite its relatively high price because of its guaranteed effectiveness in filtering tap water. This product is rigorously tested by […]

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