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Reverse Osmosis Water Safe for Dogs

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe for Dogs: What Your Dog Drinks Matters

Is reverse osmosis water safe for dogs? All living things need clean water to survive. Your dog is no exception.  Many good intension pet owners for whatever the reason might be have the tendency to feed or water their pet as though the pet has a bullet proof metabolism.  In reality a pets metabolism is […]

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Does filtered water have fluoride

Does Filtered Water Have Fluoride: The Potential Risks of Fluoride

Many Americans ask whether or not does filtered water have fluoride.For a long time, fluoride has been considered as the most effective substance for teeth whitening and preventing tooth decay. It’s naturally abundant in some minerals such as fluorite and fluorapatite. But, should you be bothered by the fact that fluoride can also be found […]

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a glass of water on top of a table

MAVEA 1005772 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher Review

Do you drink plenty of water? You should, for doing so offers significant health benefits that you can truly enjoy. Provided your drinking water is clean and safe. Speaking of having safe water to drink, you may need a good-quality home water filter to get it. If you prefer to use a water filter pitcher. […]

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How Does Charcoal Filter Water

How Does Charcoal Filter Water: Myth Busting Filtering Concepts

Having access to high-quality water is one of the best things about living in a modern society, but there are still many parts of the world where people struggle from day to day to get this essential. Urban areas have the benefit of being governed by entities that have access to both the money and […]

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cat drinking water

Best Water for Cats To Drink: Understanding Your Pets and Knowing Your Options

What is the best water to drink for cats? Does your feline prefer to drink from the taps or even the toilet to a pristine bowl of clean water? If so, then you need to be more concerned about your beloved pet when it comes to drinking clean and safe water. What is the best […]

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Side Effects of Drinking Tap Water

Side Effects of Drinking Tap Water: Revealing The Contaminants Lurking in Your Water Supply

You probably had realized the importance of drinking plenty of water in keeping your body and mind working at full capacity. But there lies a disturbing truth concerning the potential and alarming side effects of drinking tap water. When you drink a glass of it, you might also be drinking a dose of agricultural or […]

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Seychelle Water Filter Replacements

Seychelle Water Filter Replacements:Best Purification

 The Greatest Patented Filtering Technology Today we will be reading about Seychelle Water Filter Replacements. Families now more than ever before are opting for natural, healthier food. We as a society are more than ever concerned about where our food source comes from, but unfortunately, we often overlook more essential, and even more important requirement […]

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Drinking Water Glass and Pitcher

Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review

In this article, we will be covering the Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review. Have you ever consider the contents of tap water? Germs, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other microorganisms are a viable concern in our water supplies. Given that, some or all of the pre-mentioned contaminants may fill the water running through […]

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A person is holding a water pitcher filter

AmazonBasics 10-Cup Water Pitcher with Filter Review

Today we will be doing an AmazonBasics 10-Cup water pitcher with filter review. No matter what your friends, family or even the experts say, tap water is never a safe option when it comes to drinking. You never know what else is accompanying your water on its journey inside your body. So, always make sure […]

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What Does Purifying Mean

What Does Purifying Mean: Interpretations and Methodology

What does purifying mean to you? Purification is needed for one to live a happy and healthy life. If you search for the most accepted definition of the word purification, you may find yourself browsing through a vast array of pages containing information about water purification and air purification methods. But what does this word […]

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