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About us

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Welcome to my humble website.

This website is a bi-product of many years of experience in the “Home Water Treatment” industry as well as a passion for for all things natural and healthy. Many do not realize that we alone are responsible for ensuring that our drinking supplies are clean and healthy for consumption.

The water on earth once flowed pure as the driven snow, but years and years of increased population and industrialization have taken a great toll on our water supplies and have taken an even bigger toll on the health of those that are forced to ingest contaminated water on a daily basis.

There has always been the same amount of water on this planet we call Earth and there will always be the same amount of water, so it’s very important that we keep our water supplies as clean and pure as possible

Our blog content is based on my years of experience as a water treatment consultant as well as intense resource research to find and provide detailed information on the many different types of water contamination you may encounter and the most up to date filtration and water purification techniques to ensure that your loved ones are provided with the finest and most pure drinking water on the planet.

I hope you enjoy our blog!