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All About Water Filter Pitchers: Best Brands, Advantages, and Disadvantages

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Thinking of buying a water filter pitcher? Probably, that’s why you are reading this article. Of all the different types of water filters, the pitcher is the most affordable. Hence, its popularity among consumers. It has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages that affect its potential users depending on their needs and lifestyle preferences.

Upon reading this piece, expect to learn about the most reputable water filter pitcher brands in the market as well as the upsides and downsides of this type of filter.

Best Water Filter Pitcher Brands

Among the various brands of water filter pitcher, the ones that stand out are Brita, ZeroWater, and PUR. Each comes in different sizes and BPA-free products.

Now, let us compare these three brands, focusing on the following characteristics:

Capability to produce good-tasting water

According to reviews, PUR and Brita produce better-tasting water compared to ZeroWater. However, the water produced by the latter is also acceptable. Take note that less taste indicates a complete process of filtration.

Filtering effectiveness

As for the overall filtration capability, Zero Water products are the best. With the brand’s five-stage filtration system, its items are able to do a more thorough and complete filtration.

Filter duration

PUR and Brita have products with the capacity to filter up to 40 gallons of water, while ZeroWater has items that are capable of filtering up to 30 gallons. Take note, however, that you should not take such claims literally. This is because the filter duration of a product actually depends on the overall condition of the water being filtered.

Quantity of Filtered Water

You can rely on all these brands if you want to enjoy large amounts of filtered water. Also, you may opt for a ZeroWater filter that has a 23-cup capacity, or a PUR or Brita with 18-cup capacities.

Aesthetic beauty

On the aspect of physical appearance, you may want to opt for the Brita Grand 10-glass pitchers. These items come in a wide array of colors that appeal to various potential buyers.

Just as you have learned, each brand has an edge over the others in certain aspects. Based on the aforementioned details, the competition is indeed tough among these three; hence, their popularity among potential users. If you plan to buy a water filter, you may choose any of them, provided your prospective item can truly cater to your needs. Keep in mind that no matter how great a product is, it may not work perfectly for you if it does not match your personal requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filter Pitchers

As mentioned earlier, a water filter pitcher is the most popular type. Just like any item, it comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are as follows:

It is affordable

Water filter pitcher is a good alternative to a faucet and other types of filters that are a bit more expensive. It is perfect for users who would like to enjoy clean and safe drinking water but are on a tight budget.

It is portable

Water filter pitchers normally come in small sizes and they are designed to fit into refrigerators. As such, these traits make it easy for users to carry and move them from one place to another.

It is convenient to use

A pitcher does not require a lot of effort to set up unlike other types of filter. This provides more convenience to buyers, for they don’t need to wait for a long time before making it ready for use. On the other hand, here are its disadvantages:

It is not as efficient as other types of filter

While water filter pitchers are capable of providing clean drinking water, there are also claims that they don’t have the capacity to do complete filtration. More extensive research is needed to further support such claims.

Its cost tends to add up

The need to regularly replace the filter results in spending money from time and again. Although pitchers have low prices, the amount of money needed to spend on replacements adds up and becomes significant in the long run.

The amount of water it filters is limited

Moreover, unlike faucet filters that produce continuous water supply, pitchers can only filter a limited amount. This then leads to users having to refill the latter from time to time and wait for several minutes for a new batch of filtered water.

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Therefore, the best type and brand of water filter may depend on one’s personal preferences and needs. One item may be too big for those who need to save space. Yet, it may be too small for those who have a large family that demands a larger amount of filtered water at a certain time. Many things have become relative these days. With the many options you have, it is best to think carefully before making a decision.

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