Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

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I hope you like our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review.The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher  is one of the most popular water filter pitcher brands on the market today. A lot of people choose this product despite its relatively high price because of its guaranteed effectiveness in filtering tap water.

This product is rigorously tested by different organizations, and has passed the strict standards of the NSF for reducing water contaminants. Another well-known organization that recognizes this product’s effectiveness in reducing copper is the Water Quality Association.

This No products found. high-quality filters are 3 times better than most brands. Their triple capacity ensures that your drinking water at home is indeed drinkable, safe, healthy and great tasting. Meanwhile, the filter also claims to remove 2000% more potentially harmful contaminants such as fluoride, chromium, lead, chloramines and mercury than other filters .

The water filter pitcher also boasts of its longevity, producing up to 150 gallons of filtered water for drinking and cooking before you need to replace the filter.  This way, you will save money by not needing to buy a new filter every two months.

Like other filter pitchers, this one also has a lid with a round hole which is used to fill the pitcher with water. Its easy-to-grip handle will make pouring fresh water into the glass easier too. Below is a list of this product’s features which might help you decide whether this it is worth buying. Please keep reading our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Features

  • Reduces 2000% more potentially harmful contaminants from tap water than other filters
  • Includes high-quality filters that are certified and approved by NSF for effectively reducing water contaminants
  • 3 to 4 times longer-lasting than some of the other leading brands on the market
  • Able to remove mercury, fluoride, chromium 6, chlorine and lead from the tap water
  • Keeps healthy metals in the water to make it healthier
  • Produces great-tasting and fresh water
  • Recommended change of filter is every 150 gallons or 567 liters
  • Features a lid, spout and a grip handle for easier refilling and transferring of filtered water
  • 100% vegan and recyclable
  • 100% BPA free and FDA approved
  • Includes a Water Quality Association (WQA) certification sticker
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee and customer support from the manufacturer

No products found.


When it comes to water filter pitchers, it is better to choose quality over price. You should find a brand that is trusted by experts and well-known organizations. The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher definitely meets these criteria. Despite its higher price tag, many people recommend this product because of its effectiveness in making your home tap water safe to consume.

The water filter pitcher has met and even exceeded the high standards of the NSF for contaminant reduction. In other words, its filtering capacity is above average. The manufacturer claims it can remove 2000% more harmful contaminants often found in tap water system than other filters. This includes chromium, mercury, lead, chlorine and chloramines. No other brand can promise this same level of filtration power.

How does this filter do it? The water that comes from your faucet goes through a five-stage process of filtration. The filter even has 2-micron pores and a special filter for lead and fluoride.

While the filter pitcher removes contaminants, it also keeps important metals and elements like calcium and magnesium. This way, all the water that comes out of the filter cartridge is not only clean but also healthy and odorless.

Another thing that makes this brand a cut above the rest is its long-lasting filter. Instead of replacing it after filtering 40 gallons of water, you will have to wait for another 110 gallons before doing so. In other words, you will get 150 gallons of drinkable water at your disposable. This means the filter lasts around 3 times longer than many of the leading brands.

Other notable features include the lifetime replacement guarantee and same-day customer support. If your pitcher breaks, the manufacturer will quickly replace it for free.


This water filter pitcher has many great features to take note of. However, it also has some drawbacks. One of the obvious reasons to think twice about buying it is its high price. There are other brands on the market that promise similar results at a lower price.

Aside from this, another drawback is the time it takes for the whole filtration process to be completed. Lastly, its design is inconvenient in some ways. You can’t refill the reservoir unless the first batch of water is completely filtered.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review product lineup 

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With those drawbacks aside, the No products found. is a great choice. Its filtration power is outstanding and has been proven by various organizations both locally and internationally. If you want to make sure that your drinking water is safe and healthy, invest in this trusted brand instead of risking cheaper brands.

Thank you for reading our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review.

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