Are Water Filter Pitchers Effective

Are Water Filter Pitchers Effective?

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For many people, the idea of drinking tap water is unacceptable. This is because of the fact that tap water can taste and smell bad and also contain harmful contaminants that may be dangerous to your health. However, tap water is not so bad if you filter it first. With a little filtering, you can rest assured that your water is not only  drinkable, but also taste a lot better. For this reason, water filter pitchers have become common household items.

However, recent research by the Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants concluded that some water filter pitcher brands are not as effective as they claim to be, removing only 49% to 80% of contaminants from water and leaving 20% to 51% of potentially harmful contaminants after filtration. It is now safe to say that people are now asking, are water filter pitchers effective?

In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of owning a water filter pitcher. This information can help you to decide whether it’s worth investing in a water filter pitcher or not.

Are Water Filter Pitchers Effective – Here are the Pros

Small, lightweight and portable water filtration system

Water filter pitchers look like any other pitchers that you put inside the fridge. They are small and lightweight, making them more portable than other types of  as effective water filter options.

You can take a water filter pitcher along on camping trips or for any outdoor activities so you don’t have to spend money on bottled water or worry about  possible unknown carcinogens that may be lurking in your water caused by the plastic bottle it came in. It’s also much more mobile and takes up less space than a case of water. You can also refrigerate water filter pitchers without a problem so you can have a  cold glass of refreshing purified water any time you want one.

Simple instructions and easy to use

Compared to other water filtration systems, water filter pitchers are easy to use. You don’t have to set them up near your water source. Almost all brands have a very similar design with similar parts. Those parts include a top reservoir, charcoal filter and a pitcher.

When using a water filter pitcher for the first time, the charcoal filter must be soaked in a large cup of water for around 15 minutes. After that, insert it into the reservoir, securing it tightly in its cartridge.

The next step is to fill the reservoir and wait for the filtration process to finish. You will then have fresh water to drink.

Charcoal filters contain activated carbon granules

Despite the negative implications of the above mentioned research, there is no doubt water filter pitchers can greatly reduce the number of harmful contaminants in water. Are water filter pitchers effective? They are to a large extent. The filter used for this system is made of activated charcoal that is porous and efficient in removing chemicals such as chlorine. Other contaminants that water filter pitchers remove include mercury, lead, copper and zinc.

Makes water more alkaline

If you are familiar with the benefits of drinking alkaline water, then you should choose water filter pitcher brands that can change the pH level of water. The National Institute of Health published one study that explains how water with an 8.8 pH level can be advantageous to those who have acid reflux. That is because this alkaline water can kill pepsin, which is an enzyme that causes acid reflux. Aside from this, drinking alkaline water cis also known to benefit those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated blood lipids.

Least expensive kind of water filter system

Compared to other methods of filtering water the water filter pitcher is the cheapest of all water filter systems. You can buy one for as little as $30. Aside from this, they also come in different sizes and colors to match your mood or decor.


Too slow

The process of filtration for this system is relatively slow compared to an under-sink system. Some brands take 10 minutes while other brands could take up to 6  hours.   When purchasing a water filter system for the first time it may be wise to consider the amount of time it takes you to filter enough water to satisfy the number of drinkers in your group or family.

Charcoal filters need to be replaced regularly

Manufacturers recommend changing the filters of your pitcher after every 40 gallons of use. There are also other ways to determine whether it is time to replace it or not. Some have sticker identification while others have an electronic filter change indicator. However, you can’t really know for sure if the filter is still good or needs replacing, especially if  you haven’t changed the battery for a long time and you notice that the indicator has not blinked for months. And with the recent studies about the effectiveness of water filter pitchers, you might want to think twice about not changing your filters on a timely basis.

Expensive in the long run

The initial cost of a water filter pitcher is compare to other methods of filtration is probably the cheapest. The key to keeping your water filter pitcher effective is replacing the charcoal filters regularly. However, in the long run this can make this system more expensive than the other options in the long run.

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