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Water Filter Pitcher Remove Fluoride

Best Water Filter Pitcher to Remove Fluoride: Top 3 Options

In this article, we will attempt to determine the best water filter pitcher to remove fluoride from your drinking water. For that purpose, we have compiled a list. Here, we have selected those pitchers that were made specifically to cater to the whims of those who want to get rid of the fluoride in their […]

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getting water from water filtration

How To Filter Water: Basic Information About It

Water is the basic unit of life, and we need it to stay healthy. We need clean drinking water, and we can get it by filtration. Many people are asking about how to filter water. There are actually many ways to do it, and this article will provide you with the necessary information about water […]

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a person is holding the water filter

What is a Water Filter Made of: Some Essential Facts

What is a Water Filter Made of and why? The way that filters work is something that is pretty much standard. It’s mainly because they all are based on one basic principle. And that is to filter out a certain contaminant. The differences in  filters used to rid contaminates from a water supply basically comes […]

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Drop of water from the best soft water system

Best Soft Water System

Top Qualities of the Best Soft Water System Top rated water softeners can help you eliminate water problems and when you are experiencing these problems in your own home. It’s always a good idea to seek out the best soft water system you can find. With many different uses of water each day, hardness can […]

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water filter pitcher

Is Filtered Water Safe?

If you’re living in an area where tap water isn’t safe for drinking, your options would be to spend a fortune on bottled water or to invest in a water filter. But, is filtered water safe when the water supply is already questionable? We’re all under the impression that one of the best methods to […]

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Water Splash for drinking

Best Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

Clean drinking water can be considered a luxury in some areas. This is because of all of the metals and other types of hazards which might come with old piping. That is why having a water filter pitcher can prove to be one of the only solutions you can use to improve the quality of […]

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Water Filtration Machine

Can You Filter Salt Water

Did you know that 97% of the water in the world is salty? That means that freshwater comprises only 3% of the total water supply  on this planet. What is more interesting is that 2% of the world’s  fresh water supply is frozen as glaciers in the North and South Poles. Hence, the remaining 1% […]

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Best Reverse Osmosis Water System

Best Reverse Osmosis Water System: The Top Three Options

Today, we will be talking about three options to determine which is the Best Reverse Osmosis Water System. Reverse osmosis (RO) water system is not a very simple piece of equipment. Therefore, if you are looking to buy the best reverse osmosis water system, there’s a lot you have to look into and compare before […]

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Best Backpacking Water Filter to Keep You Hydrated

Best Backpacking Water Filter to Keep You Hydrated During Your Outdoor Activity

Backpacking is amongst the cheapest ways to travel around the world, and also the least luxurious. Hence, this way of traveling is perfect for those who are adventurous but want to save money. Yet, going to a different country has a lot of uncertainties with regards to your safety. Keep in mind, that when it […]

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A person is holding a water pitcher filter

AmazonBasics 10-Cup Water Pitcher with Filter Review

Today we will be doing an AmazonBasics 10-Cup water pitcher with filter review. No matter what your friends, family or even the experts say, tap water is never a safe option when it comes to drinking. You never know what else is accompanying your water on its journey inside your body. So, always make sure […]

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