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Best Sediment Filter for Well Water: Getting to the Bottom of Things

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Water is one of the essential beverages for a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s talk a bit about the best sediment filter for well water and why would such an item be considered the “best” of its kind.

There’s an ancient saying that goes something like “Treat your body like a temple”. This means, that any individual should be at least cautious when it comes to things that go into his or her body.

The Aid of Modern Technology for Well Water

In most parts of the world, water is clearly accessible. However,  in some parts of the world where there is either a lack of infrastructure or funding, or just through a stroke of bad luck  leads to inaccessibility of high-grade drinking water.This is most often the case in rural areas where people  don’t have access to regulated municipal water supplies.

If you have no access to municipal water you must drill a well for drinking, cooking and cleaning .Well water undeniably comes from a natural and unregulated source. Nevertheless, the water should still meet high-quality standards, so it’s smart that, in such cases,that the residents invest in some type of sediment filter.

In some cases you may be lucky and have great water with great taste and no odor, but in other cases you must rely on some type of filtration to make sure that you have clean and healthy water to drink and cook with. And in some case you must also rely on filtration to filter out certain minerals that destroy your appliances and plug up your water pipes.

Water contaminants and water problems may present themselves in many different types and many different  forms depending on what type of water table you are dealing with. Contaminated water is probably one of the greatest hazards we may face in our life time. I grew up in an area where a well was a necessity.

My family was blessed with fantastic water because the area had never before been faced with the increase in population or industrialization like most places have.

Any time that pristine ground water is disturbed from its natural path through drilling or excavating you can almost be sure of unwanted minerals an contaminates seeping into your water supply. The worst part is that these disturbances in your water supply may not happen on your land. These ground water disturbances  might come from a  close neighbor, or a neighbor thats not so close if they are on the same water tributary that you are on.

I once tested water at someone’s home that for years had great water , but all of a sudden they had horrific bacterial iron sulfur water because the neighbor across the street drilled a well. All of a sudden they were bombarded by terrible tasting and smelling water.

This water not only smelled and tasted bad, but also turned the water a bright orange in color because of the high iron content.

Worse than that were the things growing in their toilet tank when I checked. It looked like mushrooms and fish eggs  in a swamp .You can imagine what that might do to your appliances and your clothes and your hair. I can only imagine what  type of health problems that it could cause.

Fortunately for them I am a  trained water consultant and was able to recommend a filtration system that provided them with water that not only smelled and taste great, but most importantly got rid of the mushrooms and fish eggs in the toilet tank.

One such problem that many urban dwellers face is sediment getting into the water supply and then on through to the faucet. With the help of modern technology and a small investment, it is possible to filter these sediments to ensure safe and sufficient running water. filter. Now let’s take a look at three of the top choices for well water sediment filters.

Best Sediment Filter for Well Water: The Options

1. Aquaboon 5 Micron Grooved Sediment Water Filter

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The Aquaboon 5 Micron Grooved Sediment Water Filter is a great choice for those looking for a quick and safe way of turning well water into potable water. Moreover, the six packs of filters indicate the great value and the materials used make it a good choice.

Key Features:

This filter pack is made with polypropylene and can be used with various types of plumbing systems. You just need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that this product is compatible with your home or office plumbing system.

Aquaboon 5-Micron filter uses a four-stage filtration system, which means that from the interior to the exterior, the water goes through four different types of filters, all having different densities. This has a great advantage because if particles manage to get past the first two to three filters.

It’s fourth and finest one will make sure that nothing but crystal-clear water comes out from the taps, showers, and appliances.

The process of  sediment filtration is simple since no chemicals are involved. Everything just boils down to the filter’s particle size. With a size of five microns, particles except for bacteria and other microorganisms will not pass through the filters.

Therefore,  you must make sure that before opting for this product that water supply you plan to filter is tested and treated for any type of bacteria.

Filter is a great value choice, giving the user years of filtered water for a nominal price point.

Notable Highlights:

  • Installation is easy
  • Great value for money
  • Multi-stage system of filtration
  • Good filter lifespan (three to six months)
  • Most plumbing systems are compatible

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Doesn’t work well with chlorinated water
  • Cannot filter microorganisms

2. Rusco Screened Spin-Down Filter System

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Rusco Inc. is a USA-based company that has been manufacturing water sediment filters for homes and industrial buildings since 1983. The Rusco Screened Spin-Down Filter System is one of their products that is considered to be a high-flow filter alternative to classical filters.

Key Features:

The Rusco Screened Spin-Down Filter System is a  complete reusable  filtration system. The system also includes the casing and connectors required to set it up. This means that it brings some advantages and disadvantages to the table that are different from other market solutions.

First off, it requires a different type of  installation setup that can be  more complicated than just swapping filters. Apart from cleaning, it also requires measuring, cutting and connecting plumbing elements. This might be a turnoff for people who aren’t that handy or who simply don’t have the time.

More Features:

It’s durable and will furthermore provide you with a lot of savings in the long run. However, this filtration system isn’t all that fancy, since it is only equipped with polyester screens, which is a stand-in for more reliable alternatives.

The resin design is quite durable. However, in contrast with the PVC connectors, they might interact poorly with more durable types of materials and may result in leaking  due to threading into copper piping.

From certain perspectives, it’s better than the other two products on the list, but most users will find replaceable and finer filters to be the way to go.

Notable Highlights:

  • Made of quality materials
  • Easy to install and use
  • There is no need to change the filter
  • Provides 10 to 50 gallons per minute water flow

Minor Drawback:

  • Valves and connectors are not very durable

3. GE Household Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter

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Most of us are familiar with the  GE Appliances company, but only a few of us know that they actually manufacture filtration systems.

GE has established their brand worldwide, and above all, one of the products that they are proudest  of is the GE Household Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter.

Key Features:

The GE Household Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter is specially designed to trap multiple contaminant types. These are sand and bacteria in particular and is also capable of removing bad chemicals, especially chlorine, odor, and taste.

Also, what is better is that it can eliminate rust odor and poor  taste due to an old plumbing system.

Indeed, it can filter a maximum amount of 30,000 gallons of water. Therefore, this sediment filter  does not require other than regular replacement. In average, this is about three months. While its three to 10 gallons per minute water flow isn’t so great, it should be noted that it is within the comfort zone for drinking water. 

Notable Highlights:

  • Good water flow rate
  • Excellent value for money
  • The good lifespan of filters
  • Removes multiple contaminants and unpleasant odor and taste

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Expensive

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In conclusion,  we feel that out of the three products  we have reviewed in this article that the best sediment filter for well water is  the GE Household Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter. Even though it is not as high as what the Rusco filter provides in terms of water flow. It is still not as slow as other common filters.

    What really matters is it’s unrivaled filtering capabilities and awesome value. Moreover, it comes from a reputable manufacturer making it even stronger to back up each of its claims. Thank you for taking the time to read our review and be sure to check out our many other great articles that are designed to inform and help improve your healthy life style.


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