Best Water for Cats To Drink

Best Water for Cats To Drink: Understanding Your Pets and Knowing Your Options

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Best Water for Cats To Drink: Understanding Your Pets and Knowing Your Options

Does your cat prefer to drink from the taps or even the toilet to a pristine bowl of clean water? If so, then you need be more concerned about your beloved pet when it comes to drinking clean and safe water. What is the best water for cats to drink?

Before we can provide you the best options to consider, it is helpful to learn some essential facts about felines in general and their drinking habits. These facts will not only help answer your question, but may also make you a better pet owner.

Why Cats and Water Don’t Match Perfectly Together

While we know that water is of high necessity for all living things with no exception, it works somehow different in the case of cats. This can be largely due to the following two reasons.

  • Low Thirst Drives

As a cat lover, you have to understand that  feline naturally,  have low thirst drives unlike us humans or other pets. If they are living in the wild, they source most of their hydration needs from their prey or the food they eat. But since your cat or cats are living indoors, of course, they do not get as much water from their food, more so if they eat dry foods.

This is why cats are prone to dehydration, which can lead to kidney diseases. Kidney problems may also cause more serious dehydration, making a dangerous problem even  more deadly.

  • Finicky or Picky Taste

You might be aware of this already about cats. Apart from being known for having their own minds and independence, felines are often picky about what they drink and eat. They are also very sensitive to tastes and smells. Therefore, once your cat doesn’t like something in her drinking water, either its odor or taste, she might decide to not drink it.

This can affect your pet’s water consumption. The taste of water can also be affected by the bowl material itself and the chemicals or minerals present in the water.

These are the reasons why cats and water don’t match perfectly together most of the time, and so, choosing the best water for your cats to drink becomes even more crucial.

Best Water For Cats to Drink: Weighing Your Options

The kind of drinking water you give your cats can have a major effect on their health and  thier drinking habits. Remember that all water is not created equal. You have different options at your disposal, and here are the common ones you may choose from.

  • Municipal tap water

The quality of public water supplies can greatly vary from one source to another. But generally, it has been widely reported that most municipal waters in the U.S. are contaminated with chlorine by-products, fluoride, heavy metals such as lead, toxic chemicals and bacteria. Chlorine is also known to dry your cats skin and cause excess shedding.In almost every case it is a good idea to filter this water.

Well water

While well water can be a wonderful water source, it can be at risk to groundwater contaminations, particularly from potentially harmful chemicals and bacteria seeping into the main supply. These contaminants along with mineral imbalances, can adversely affect humans as well as animals. In almost every case it is a good idea to filter well water

Bottled water

While more likely better than tap water, you really don’t know if bottled waters are free of potentially harmful contaminants. The companies selling these bottled waters are usually self-regulated, which means there’s no government monitoring body that perform routine inspections. If you read the news you have likely seen all the fuss about the plastic that the bottles are made from being absorbed into the water.

  • Filtered water

Providing your cats filtered water for drinking is most probably the best option. A simple filter from Brita or Aquasana can effectively remove most contaminants, bad tastes ,and odors, that your cats may  actually enjoy! Remember how picky or finicky they can be when it comes to smell and taste of their drinking water?

Better yet, you even have greater options in terms of considering various filters widely and conveniently available online. There are even filters that you can simply attach to your  kitchen faucet, as well as whole house water filter system that your entire family, and not only your cats, can highly benefit.

What Really is the Best Water For Your Cats to Drink

It cannot be emphasized enough that cats must like what they are drinking or they will not drink it at all, no matter how pure or fresh the water is. It’s critical to provide the best quality water for your cat to drink.

Another thing to consider are actual cat drinking water fountains. It is widely known that circulating or running water has the tendency to entice cats and other pets to drink.

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain, Filtered Water for Your Dogs and Cats, BPA-Free Plastic, 128 oz. Water Capacity

Fountains help in attracting your cats to drink the water that you think is the best for them instead of what they think is good for them. Cat drinking fountains are armed with filters that filter out the contaminants just like the ones made for us humans.

Filtered water can assure a long and healthy lifespan for your little buddies. The best water for cats to drink is healthy water however you achieve it!



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