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Best Water Purifier Pitcher: An Easy Way to Get Great-tasting Water

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Surely there is a product that can be dubbed the best for any type of service. With so many different water filter models on the market. It’s next to impossible to choose one that fits one person’s specific needs. Let’s try and make it possible by taking a look at three choices for the best water purifier pitcher title. The sample will be judged based on capacity, build quality and, most importantly, water quality.

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It’s imperative to own a type of filter if one wants to get clear and great-tasting water. Impurities can turn into a bad odor, weird taste, and even health hazards. This is the reason why most people resort to buying devices that could produce clean water at any time of the day.

These products are fairly-affordable, easy to use, and even great for storing water. With different types of filter technologies, active ingredients, and materials used in their design. It’s time to see what the market has to offer.

Wamery Water Filter Pitcher

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  • BPA-Free Certified
  • Ionizing technology
  • Removes heavy metals and chlorine
  • Comes with LED Indicator for filter swaps
  • Sold with 100% money back satisfaction guarantee


  • Produces Alkaline or neutral water, great for people with a pH unbalance in their diets, affecting acid reflux in a positive way
  • The charcoal filter takes care of common chemicals found in water, like chlorine


  • Doesn’t remove chlorine

A simple product often works best. Wamery has managed to make a very consumer-friendly, easy-to-use product. Weighing just under two pounds, this pitcher is sturdy, yet easy to handle.

Featuring two different types of technologies, the pitcher can either modify the water and make it alkaline, or keep it pH neutral. The pH level of water (referring to acidity) will mostly affect users who suffer from acid reflux, stomach cancer or other conditions.

Moving onto its design, the product is pretty straightforward. At the top, a LED indicator will display the number of days that have passed since the last filter has been installed. Next to it, the filling lid is concave and big enough that liquid won’t spill all over.

The rubber base makes it harder to tip over. This prevents nasty accidents and protects all of those precious electronics. With micromesh, active carbon agents and particle mesh filters, it can handle most types of contaminants with ease.

There are only two real issues with this product. The first one is that it doesn’t remove chlorine. This is disappointing since chlorine is probably the most common chemical found in tap water. The second is with the LED display system. It only shows the number of days that have passed since the last filter was swapped. While it is somewhat useful, the user should swap filters as soon as the taste and odor associated with the water start to turn.

Brita 10-cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter

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  • High 10-cup capacity
  • BPA-free design
  • Reduces heavy metals and chlorine


  • High capacity pitcher and filter, with up to 10 cups of clean water
  • Reduces heavy metal and chlorine concentration


  • The lid can’t be removed for cleaning

The Brita 10-cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter is one of the most reliable water purifier pitchers on the market. Its high capacity makes it ideal for families who struggle with shopping for clean water, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

The active carbon filter ensures that the amount of chlorine found in the filtered water will be considerably lower. Thus, producing very clean water. Chlorine causes water to taste and smell bad. Although it does significantly remove the number of bacteria that can be found in tap water. Using a water filter to get rid of the end result is a win-win for everyone.

Moving on, this pitcher also contains mesh filters and ion-exchange technology. By removing heavy metals from tap water. Lead poisoning used to be a big problem, and even a small amount of lead can lead to big health concerns, especially in toddlers.

Although it works great, the design has a big flaw. The top side of the filter can’t be completely removed for cleaning. This means that parts which can’t be rinsed, like tight corners, can be home to unwanted gunk and other repulsive elements. It’s recommended that the owner use a warm mixture of vinegar and water to rinse it in order to prevent this.

Aozora Water Filter Pitcher

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  • 3.5-liter capacity
  • The 4-stage filtration system, including UV light and charcoal active agent
  • Cleanses water of bacteria, foul odors, and smells
  • Made using BPA-free materials



  • UV light can’t be replaced
  • Not compatible with all outlets for charging

Closing in on the conclusion of this best water purifier pitcher roundup is the Aozora Water Filter Pitcher. The unit comes with some pretty interesting technologies, including UV purification, which is a very potent bacteria killer.

Moving forward, this pitcher holds up to 3.5 liters of water. This means that families everywhere will benefit from savings by using this high-capacity water pitcher. Designed using BPA-free materials, it’s also safe to keep water stored and available for use.

With charcoal active elements, the filter will remove most of the chlorine found in tap water. Making it tasty and enjoyable. It’s also great for removing metals and rust, with microfiber technology and mesh filters crammed in. Lastly, the UV purification will cleanse the water of any lingering bacteria or viruses like E.coli. It’s a great overall buy.

Although it’s great, it can cause some frustration. The UV light needs an outlet to charge and will, eventually, die out. This means that, in addition to filters, the unit must be replaced regularly, as UV light can’t be bought separately and installed. The water can also tend to take a slight taste of plastic. But the company does have great support and will, most likely, send a new unit if this problem arises.

Best Water Purifier Pitcher: Conclusion

It’s hard to choose the best out of these three great products. The one that stands out the most is the No products found.. It’s the best product out of the three due to its simple design, reliability and good build quality. While it doesn’t come with a UV filter, the chlorine used in the municipal water treatment should account for 99.9% of all harmful viruses. So, it doesn’t really add much safety to the mix.

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