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Best Water Softener for High Iron: USA Fleck 9100 SXT

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What is Iron  and Why You May Need the Best Water Softener for High Iron

While the spinach you’ve been eating is rich with iron, this element(iron) is a naturally occurring mineral. Iron is also abundant in rocks and dissolves in groundwater. As a result, high iron levels become one of the most major water contamination concerns, second only to hardness. It may be time to find the best water softener for high iron if you are experiencing any of the ill side effects that occur when your water supply is inflicted with a high iron content!

If you have high iron contaminating your water, the bad news is that it tends to be more challenging to treat than hard mineral deposits. This is because when the iron is mixed with water, it transforms into different forms of compounds.

One kind of iron is soluble and the other one is insoluble. Other things present in water such as its pH level also plays a significant role in treating high iron level.

Despite all of this, you’re still in luck, since choosing the best water softener for high iron is pretty straightforward. Before we go into the details of this  iron eliminating system, it’s beneficial to understand why getting rid of iron from your water supply is worthy of your investment.

Alarming Issues with High Iron in Water

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) determined a secondary drinking water standard for iron. What this means is that public water systems are not obliged to test for iron, but may only do so on a voluntary basis.

In other words, by the EPA’S standards, the presence of iron in tap water is not really considered a serious threat to your health. The set guideline is intended to manage the aesthetics of drinking water, particularly color, odor, and taste.

Anyway, in case you’re not aware of it yet, a safe level of iron that should be accompanying your water is, at below 0.3 ppm or mg/L. This low level will normally go unnoticed, or at least not noticed in taste.

On the other hand, high iron levels can cause you many troubles. It is known for sure  that iron causes metallic smell and taste in your water. Iron makes your water look rustic and worse, iron creates orange or reddish stains on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and clothes, too!

On top of that, high iron content has been blamed for causing rusty mineral deposits in your water delivery pipes that not only decrease your water pressure but will also clog them up with rust.

High iron content will damage your hot water tanks, pumps, dishwashers, washing machine, and other expensive appliances. You don’t want to spend on costly repairs once this happens and you don’t need to.

The Best Softener for High Iron: USA Fleck 9100 SXT Twin Tank Metered On-Demand by DuraWater

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High Capacity, Uninterrupted Soft Water Supply

The big thing here really is the high capacity of the system; you have two tanks with a 32,000-grain capacity each, which means you get a total 64,000-grain capacity altogether.

Your big catch is that you get two tanks in one package. These dual alternating tanks will be a great relief when it comes to treating your water because they share the load.

Its twin-tank feature mean continuous soft water for you and your family 24/7!  No need for you to stay up late at night to wait for the system to regenerate.

This is because you’ve got a second tank as a backup when the first tank is fully used up.  When the second tank is in service treating your water for hard minerals and high iron. The first tank prepares itself by regenerating for its next turn.

What you get is an uninterrupted supply of soft water to enjoy any time of the day and any day of the week. It also means the daily joy of seeing spot-free dishware’s and fixtures, and softer skin and hair too!

Heavy-Duty, Reliable Water Softener

Another remarkable thing, about this system is the fact that while it softens your water very thoroughly, it does so with a pretty strong flow rate. It works at a maximum of 20 GPM which means you can flush it quickly.

By the way, each tank contains 3 cubic feet of resin. What you get is a total of 6 cubic feet of high-quality resin, for removing stubborn iron and hardness minerals from your water. Yep, you’re right, it’s that heavy and that rigorous in its softening task. There’s no question why it deserves to be called the best water softener for high iron.

In addition, do not forget about the  Fleck 9100sxt valve, which has been proven to stand the test of time, 27 years of daily use to be exact. This digital metered head gives you a great opportunity, to take full control of your softener, which is a fantastic advantage.

You can program the regeneration in a mode that’s most convenient for you as well as to maximize system efficiency while minimizing your water use.

What’s more, is that it features a new inclusion, which is the onboard capacitor that serves as a power backup in times of a power failure for up to 48 hours long! So, you don’t have a need to panic when you just finished programming and then suddenly power goes out without warning.

Great Savings You Can Surely Expect

Since the system will regenerate depending on your actual water consumption and not on something unrealistic. You won’t need to spend money on water you didn’t use.

The end result is that you recieve great savings of around 15 percent in just water and salt use when compared to a device using a meter delayed regeneration system. So, when it comes to daily use cost this softener requires only pennies a day to do its thing.

The only major concern  is that you’ll need enough space for all three huge components to fit in one room. Considering all those water softening benefits  that you reap, allocating more space for it to do its marvelous work should not really be an issue.


  • Continuous soft water supply
  • Strong flow rate
  • Reliable, heavy-duty water softener
  • Effective at removing scale buildup and iron


  • Quite bulky requiring plenty of room to install
  • Resin replacement can cost good money


Let’s take a look at another similar product, to see how USA Fleck 9100sxt Water Softener by DuraWater stands out from the competition.

ABCWaters built Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener with Upflow Carbon Filtration

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 The ABCWaters built Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener with Upflow Carbon Filtration features the same twin-tank system but at a much higher price, maybe because of the added carbon filter media to get rid of other contaminants, but only a little bit of iron from your water.

While it also employs the same Fleck on the demand-metered valve.  It has a much lower flow rate at 12 GPM with only 1.5 cubic feet resin in each tank. You get a slower performance and lower resin system at a higher cost.

The Verdict

So, there you have it! If you have read this review and comparison it’s clear why USA Fleck 9100sxt Water Softener is hailed as the best water softener for high iron removal.

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