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Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter: Understand The Advantages

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Today’s shoppers are now faced with a high number of products. Hence, manufacturers everywhere are claiming that their product is the best. Logically, that can’t be true, and people often get stuck with researching endless listings of items. All of which seem stellar on paper. Well, here’s the Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter facts to help you understand it’s advantages.

This becomes a problem when people are looking for ways to improve their health and diets. Which is what this piece is all about.

Clean water should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, no matter the efforts. While tap water is certainly one of the biggest achievements of the modern world. Even it brings clandestine elements that nobody asked for. Chlorine, dissolved minerals, even lead, can be found in tap water depending on where the person in question lives.

Because of this, non-government affiliated companies and scientists designed solutions that will make tap water as harmless as possible. Let’s continue by taking a look at a water pitcher which filter will make tap water better tasting and less harmful.

Brita  10 Cup Water Pitcher With Filter: Affordable way to have a water filtration system at home

If someone’s looking for water pitchers with filters, odds are they’re going to stumble upon Brita, a company that’s responsible for a lot of great products in this particular niche. With expertise that spans over two decades time, Brita has perfected their designs and production methods.

The No products found. is a great choice for those who want access to crystal-clear water without investing money in an expensive water filtration system. As an added bonus, this particular filter doesn’t alter the water’s chemical composition. Hence, will even remove dissolved minerals from tap water.

No products found.


    • Large size, fitting up to 10 cups of purified water
    • Has a comfort-grip handle, easy and comfortable to hold even when filled
    • Ergonomically-designed lid
    • Made using BPA-free materials
    • Comes with an indicator that alerts the user when the filter needs to be replaced
    • Filters heavy metals, chlorine, and hard minerals


    • Has an alert for when the filter needs to be replaced
    • Filters almost any impurity or chemical found in tap water
    • Has a soft-grip handle, easy to pour
    • Huge 10-cup capacity


    • Not very sturdy
    • The lid comes off if mishandled


There are a lot of benefits to having a water pitcher filtration system available. Better taste and safer water aside, having a high-capacity water filter will also save money in the long run. Having clean drinking water means no trips to the grocery store for bottled water, which also often contains BPA. A known culprit in causing cancer.

  • 10-cup Capacity

Why own a water filter that’s just good for a couple of cups? This Brita pitcher holds up to 10 cups, enough to quench anyone’s thirst. If there’s room in the fridge, an ice-cold, great tasting lemonade is just minutes away. Just make sure that the lemonade is made in a separate vessel since this isn’t dishwasher friendly.

  • Filters Heavy Metals, Hard Minerals, and Chlorine

Tap water contamination is a real problem around the world. Fluoride and chlorine aside, heavy metals and hard minerals can be a serious health hazard. Hard water can easily deposit in the body, leading to kidney stones. Kidney stones are very painful or expensive to remove, and incredibly annoying to live with. However, lead can have a very harmful effect on the human body, especially in children. It’s imperative that one takes the necessary measures to provide clean water to his or her family.

Using charcoal filters that last up to 40 days, Brita provides a safe and easy solution to a somewhat uncomfortable problem. There are certain filters that are incompatible with this model, then be sure to read the specifications before ordering.

  • Ergonomically Designed

A good product is one that does its job without causing a hassle. This is very true with the Brita Water Pitcher. First, the lid is easy to remove for cleaning. Then, the filters are very easy to replace. Next, the spout will make pouring super easy.

Filling it up is equally easy, with a wide opening at the top of the device. As an extra treat, Brita has designed this model with a graphic indicator. Which then, will notify the user when the filter needs to be replaced. Can you ask for more?

Well, if that wasn’t enough, the soft-grip handle will make it comfortable to use even at maximum capacity. This is a constant problem with bigger pitchers. Due to the current amount of strain they put on somebody’s wrist. The user can take constant breaks while serving more people at once.

  • BPA-Free

After several studies have linked it with cancer, BPA has become a health hazard that’s shaken the bottled water industry. Manufacturers have soon dropped BPA plastic for a healthier alternative. Yet, there are still those who go cheap on their packaging and keep using this potentially-dangerous material.

Made using BPA-free materials, the Brita Water Pitcher will produce nothing but clean, safe water. Turning into a money-saving machine in the long run. No more emergency raids at the grocery store!

Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter Comparison

No products found.

It’s pretty hard to find the right product, especially in such a competitive time. Let’s continue by taking a look at how the Brita Water Pitcher and Filter compare to other similar choices from this particular niche. 

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Soma Water Filter Review

Whoever thought that manufacturing a quality water pitcher was easy is in for a surprise. The Soma 10-cup Water Filter Pitcher comes with several design flaws. That makes it very frustrating to use, as will be explained in this section.

This particular water filter has a big, big problem. The lid is marketed as being designed to “open automatically for easy refills”. However, this means that every time the user will try to pour water. The lid will start to pop off on its own. This makes it rather awkward to pour at full capacity, making it a very frustrating device.

Additionally, the Brita water pitcher has something this doesn’t have. The notification system will prove to be a great help, sparing the user from drinking contaminated, bad-tasting water.


Whether it’s for cooking, making coffee or just drinking, the No products found. will prove to be an invaluable tool to the right person. With a big 80 ounce capacity (10 cups), it can certainly spare one from constant trips to the supermarket. Better-tasting and cleaner water, all while saving money. What more can one ask for?

Every household should have accessible clean water.

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