Brondell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Brondell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

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When you are buying an RO water filter system, you don’t have much choice when it comes to design as most products have visible tubes and pipes which are not pleasing to the eyes. To help with your purchasing decision first read our Brondell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review.

Thankfully, the No products found. is not one of them. Besides, it has a compact design and a modern box-like structure that makes it look completely different from the other models in the market.

Things you need to know about Brondell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Aside from its pretty design, the latest model by Brondell is also full of features and benefits you want in your home RO system. Another thing that makes it superior to the other models is its water-saving technology. Indeed, the machine promises to save ten times more water on average compared to other models.

This RO system is futuristic and makes other RO systems look ancient. In the same way, it uses modern features like filter life indicator that is difficult to find in other models. The technology used in the RO system is also advanced compared to other systems.

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Certainly, the unique and modern design is what makes Brondell RO system different from all other models. Not only that, but it also comes with a lot more features that also puts it a step ahead of its competitors.

  • One, it comes with a WQA Gold Seal which ensures top quality.
  • Water saving technology that wastes ten times less water
  • The red LED light indicates when to change the filter.
  • Also, it comes with designer chrome faucet.
  • Even more, it is easy to fit under the sink
  • Four-stage filtration process


  • Compared to other RO systems, water wastage is low
  • Modern, eye-catching and compact design
  • Specifically, smart interface with filter change indicator
  • Output capacity of 55 gallons of water a day
  • As it is a simple box design, the installation is hassle-free
  • Truly, it is very easy to change filters
  • Lastly, it only weighs 14.6 pounds


  • The water pressure is low
  • Four-stage reverse osmosis filtration compared to five and even ten-stage filtration in other systems

Summary of Brondell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

In brief, the Brondell RO system’s best feature is its unique design. The elegant and modern looking box covers all the ugly looking pipes and tubes that are often exposed to other models. Further, one key feature is its filter change indicator.

So, with many other RO systems, you are not often sure when to change the filter. Sometimes, you change it too early or sometime too late, but this is not a problem with Brondell as it tells you exactly when you need to change the filter.

For instance, its water saving technology makes it a good fit for those who are not comfortable with the idea that their RO system wastes three to five gallons of water for each gallon of filtered water. The only drawback is it uses a four-stage process which means if the water is heavily contaminated, this system may fail.

In fact, it is also among the lightest RO systems out there as it weighs only 14.6 pounds. Aso, the design is also very compact which means you can save a lot of space under the sink.


At the same time, when it comes to design, there is no other RO system that can challenge the supremacy of Brondell RO system. In addition, it is also a clear winner when it comes to the ability to save water.

Hence, if we compare it with another popular product, Express Water ROALK5D ten-stage RO system, you can find a lot of differences between the two.

H2O+ Circle vs. ROALK5D

First, the H2O+ Circle only uses a four-stage reverse osmosis process, but ROALK5D uses a ten-stage RO system, which makes ROALK5D more efficient for filtering heavily contaminated water. Second, this machine is bigger and heavier compared to the H2O+ Circle.

Next, H2O+ Circle is more efficient for you if you are looking to filter tap water from already filtered sources to add another additional layer, but if the water supply is from the lake, you may prefer the ten-stage RO process.

Then, ROALK5D uses four to five gallons of water for each gallon of filtered water, but H2O+ Circle consumes only two gallons of water for each gallon of filtered water. The daily output capacity of H2O+ Circle is 55 gallons a day while ROALK5D produces only 50 gallons a day.

The Verdict

Overall, for common use, H2O+ Circle is superior to ROALK5D as it wastes less amount of water. Thus, it has a better design, takes much less space, and installs easily. One thing, that makes ROALK5D better than the H2O+ Circle is its ability to add healthier nutrients to the water.

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Given these points, the first thing you will notice about No products found. is that it is different. Yet, that’s not what makes it better than other models. It is a better RO system that comes with a lot of smart features and benefits.

Additional Features

In like manner, there are not many RO systems that have the capacity to let you know the exact time when you need to change filters. Thus, the H2O+ Circle does this as the LED light installed in faucet turns red from blue when you need to change the filter. The installation, as well as the process to change the filter, is also very easy.

Another thing that makes H2O+ Circle better than many other RO systems is its unique and eye-catching design and advanced technology. Accordingly, it uses water saving technology which allows it to use only two gallons of water to produce one gallon of filtered water. Thus, unlike other systems, that use three to five gallons of water to produce one gallon.

At the same rate, the modern box-like structure helps you hide all the pipes and tubes behind the sleek looking box. What is more, it is also very light with just sixteen and a half pounds of weight. Not only that, as it comes with a compact design, it can save a lot of space under your sink.

Final Thoughts

On the final note, if the water in your area is not heavily contaminated, it is recommended that you have a modern RO system. Nevertheless, if you get sea water or lake water, it is better to buy a more powerful RO system. Also, since this one only uses a four-stage filter process that is probably not enough to deal with heavily contaminated water. Again, thank you for reading our Brondell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

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