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pouring water to the glass

How to Change Water Filters: The Basics

Nothing is new forever. There comes a time when certain things need to be removed and replaced. A water filter is no different; but before you decide to change it, you need to know how to change water filters. Sometimes, it is not the entire filter that requires changing but just a part of it, […]

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does filtered water remove

Does Filtered Water Remove Minerals: Good or Bad

Does filtered water remove minerals? You may be torn with the decision  of buying a filtration system or not buying a filtration system. If not torn, then at least concerned about what minerals are removed in the process of filtered water. Here are some points that will help you make up your mind. Calcium, magnesium, […]

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APEC Under-Sink Water Filter Review

APEC Under-Sink Water Filter Review

APEC Under-Sink Water Filter Review The APEC Stage Under-Sink Water Filter is a home system filter designed and has given a great review for those who are looking for a convenient way to clean their tap water. It gives you a better filtration capacity as compared to standard pitchers. It is also one of the […]

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Filling water in the glass

Best Countertop Water Filter Roundup: Let’s Filter the Options

While competitivity has been a driving mechanism of capitalism, it certainly didn’t make lives easier on shoppers. The market is now filled with tons and tons of products, causing confusion for someone who’s lacking proper knowledge. Getting clean water is essential for a healthy diet, so let’s spend the next minutes by taking a look […]

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Image of sediment water filter

Best Sediment Filter for Well Water: Getting to the Bottom of Things

Water is one of the essential beverages for a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s talk a bit about the best sediment filter for well water and why would such an item be considered the “best” of its kind. There’s an ancient saying that goes something like “Treat your body like a temple”. This means, that any […]

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before and after glass of alkaline water

Your Home Deserves Only the Best Alkaline Water Machine

If you know very well or have just discovered the health benefits you get from alkaline ionized water, then, you might want to consider having an alkaline water ionizer. Not only that it’s safe, but you and your family are also assured that you can drink energy-boosting, detoxifying, and overall, healthy water in the comfort […]

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water drop

How Long Do Water Filters Last: What You Need To Know

As humans, we tend to want to get the most out of everything we buy, and our water filters are no different. Even if it works good enough for you after a few years, you should never run a water filter system on your entire home’s plumbing without getting it serviced or maintained. Getting it […]

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Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It: Reasons Why You Should Invest in Them

It is no doubt that consuming pure water is very essential for your health; unfortunately, while most public water sources in the country are claimed to be generally safe to consume, shocking truths reveal that they have high levels of contamination. They may contain several potentially dangerous contaminants ranging from fluoride to lead as well […]

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Under Counter Multi Stage Filters

Under Counter Multi Stage Filters: APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System

Under Counter Multi Stage Filters: APEC WFS-1000 Super Capacity Premium Quality 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter Syste Why consider under counter  multi stage filter for your home? Because living a healthy life should not be that difficult, particularly when referring to access of clean and safe water!  I think that it is safe to say […]

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Does filtered water have fluoride

Does Filtered Water Have Fluoride: The Potential Risks of Fluoride

Many Americans ask whether or not does filtered water have fluoride.For a long time, fluoride has been considered as the most effective substance for teeth whitening and preventing tooth decay. It’s naturally abundant in some minerals such as fluorite and fluorapatite. But, should you be bothered by the fact that fluoride can also be found […]

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