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The Best Economy Water Softener: Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft

Best Economy Water Softener for your home Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft:  Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft performs its amazing task of softening your water, without using tons of chemicals. Instead, it utilizes an inexpensive solution that uses a salt-free technology that naturally treats hardness from your water. For the money, we feel it is one of the best […]

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Best Eco-Friendly Water Softener for Your Family

The Best Eco-Friendly Water Softener for Your Family

 Signs that You Need The Best Eco-Friendly Water Softener for Your Family Does your water leave a white residue on your bathtubs? Are you seeing a calcification around your faucet? Do your clothes feel stiff and dirty coming out of the washing machine, because detergents are not doing the job? If you answered yes, then […]

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Best Water Softener for Large House

The Best Water Softener for Large House

When You Need The Best Water Softener for Large House While minerals like calcium and magnesium are beneficial for the body they cause water to be hard. The more of these minerals dissolved in the water, the harder your water becomes. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon or GPG. You can begin to […]

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Picking the Best Water Softener: GE or Whirlpool?

Picking the best water softener can be a daunting task since not all models of water softeners available at your disposal can benefit you immensely, but there are a few great units which can. Some of the best water softening systems have high flow valves while others are equipped with automatic control heads. Some employs […]

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Highest Rated Water Softener Online

Highest Rated Water Softener Online: Fleck 5600SXT

Hard water, it leaves unsightly hard mineral deposit film everywhere it touches which can be so annoying to clean. The scale buildup it causes can clog up your household plumbing pipes and water using appliances, prompting premature replacements. When this happens you will want to search for the highest rated water softener online and  take […]

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How Does A Salt-Free Water Softener Work: Nuvo H20 DPHB

How  Does a Salt-Based Water Softener Work? Salt is one of the most frequently used flavoring spices for food, but it’s also very common among water conditioners. Taken in small recommended amounts, sodium chloride probably won’t cause your body any harm. But if you’re under a strict salt diet, then you should be more careful […]

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Highest Rated Water Softener

Highest Rated Water Softener: Tier1 High Efficiency

While you probably don’t think or even care about it, the fact is that almost 90% of homes in the U.S. or in other words, millions of families have to deal with hard water problems in their homes. However, the sad reality is that many of them don’t even realize it! I assume you’re not […]

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Best Water Softeners for Hard Well Water

Best Water Softeners for Hard Well Water

While public water supplies are heavily regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), private water supplies, particularly well water supplies, are not usually covered by the regulations for drinking water. So, if you have a private water supply, such as a well, it is your responsibility, as the owner, to test your well water […]

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Who Makes the Best Water Softeners

Who Makes the Best Water Softeners: It’s Fleck

 Is My Water Hard or Soft? Hard water minerals  in your water supply can wreak havoc on anything that it encounters, some consider this problem just a fact of life that  must be dealt with and consider it no big deal. Those whom do their due diligence about the topic are soon to ask the […]

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Best Water Softners

Best Water Softener: Which best water softener to buy

  What’s in your water? This question has become a popular slogan over the years because there are a lot of things that can happen to water on its journey to your tap. Water can encounter a number of contaminants; some of them you can smell or see, like sediments and dissolved iron, while others […]

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