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The Best Tactical Water Filter

The Best Tactical Water Filter: Choosing Your Best Option

The Best Tactical Water Filter: Choosing Your Best Option If you are a backpacker who loves to go adventuring for days on end, it is imperative to have ready access to clean drinking water to keep you hydrated While there may be a river or stream you might encounter along your adventurous journey, you can’t […]

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Seychelle Water Filter Replacements

Seychelle Water Filter Replacements:Best Purification

 The Greatest Patented Filtering Technology Families now more than ever before are opting for natural, healthier food. We as a society are more than ever concerned about where our food source comes from, but unfortunately, we often overlook more essential, and even more important requirement of sustaining life. Increase in population and industrial pollution has […]

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SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle Review

SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle Review

There’s really nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to the things that go into the human body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about performing at the top of one’s game and making the right sacrifices. The human body requires proper nourishment and care to thrive and push past limits, so it’s only natural […]

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Refresh2go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle

Refresh2go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle Review

Having an active lifestyle brings a world of benefits to the practitioner. From a longer lifespan to younger skin and more long-term comfort, there are literally no downsides from incorporating physical activity and a healthy diet in one’s routine. Much like a sports car, the human body requires the perfect fuel to perform at full […]

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Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel and Outdoor

Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel and Outdoor Adventures

The best filtered water bottle for travel and outdoor adventures should be very portable, resilient, and able to filter water from different sources effectively. This means that the manufacturer which cuts the least corners when designing such a product will most likely be the best choice. Also, portable water bottles have to be made using tough […]

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How to Filter Water in the Wilderness

How to Filter Water in the Wilderness: Survival Tips 101

Surviving might be a strong word when talking about venturing into the wilderness, but some cases can’t be described otherwise. Nature enthusiasts should know that the outdoors can become as dangerous as they are beautiful. When trying to survive a bad scenario, it’s essential to have the proper gear and know-how to emerge unscathed from […]

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Survivor Filter PRO

Survivor Filter PRO: Outdoor Emergency Trump Card

From video games and TV shows to reality shows and books, survival seems to be a hot topic in the past decade. The collective consciousness apparently dictates that survival is important—something that every outdoor enthusiast knows. In the wilderness, commodities such as clean water, electricity, and emergency light signal might be hard to come by. […]

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Best Water Filtration System for Backpacking

Best Water Filtration System for Backpacking: Fresh Sips in the Great Outdoors

There’s something near-mystical about the great outdoors, and nature and wildlife enthusiasts will all agree that nothing brings peace to mind like a quiet getaway with Mother Nature. What is more exciting is that today’s outdoor adventurers have the luxury of conveniently bringing different helpful products. In fact, stocking water for outdoor trips isn’t a prerequisite […]

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Filter Straws for Drinking Water

Filter Straws for Drinking Water: Clean Water Anywhere

Water filters are an unseen force in the health industry. Without filters, drinking water will have poor quality. Whether it’s the friendly office water cooler, the municipal water supply or the charming bed and breakfast tap water, everything goes through filters. Water pitcher filters, countertop filters, and filter straws for drinking water, these are a […]

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Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter

Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter: A 2018 Review

According to the World Health Organization, almost 5.2 billion or 71 percent of the world’s population has access to safe drinking water. That means that there are about two billion people around the world who are still drinking contaminated water. This is a sad reality since contaminated water can transmit a lot of diseases like […]

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