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Drinking Water Glass and Pitcher

Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review

In this article, we will be covering the Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review. Have you ever consider the contents of tap water? Germs, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other microorganisms are a viable concern in our water supplies. Given that, some or all of the pre-mentioned contaminants may fill the water running through […]

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Water Filter Pitcher Remove Fluoride

Best Water Filter Pitcher to Remove Fluoride: Top 3 Options

In this article, we will attempt to determine the best water filter pitcher to remove fluoride from your drinking water. For that purpose, we have compiled a list. Here, we have selected those pitchers that were made specifically to cater to the whims of those who want to get rid of the fluoride in their […]

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Water Splash for drinking

Best Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

Clean drinking water can be considered a luxury in some areas. This is because of all of the metals and other types of hazards which might come with old piping. That is why having a water filter pitcher can prove to be one of the only solutions you can use to improve the quality of […]

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A person is holding a water pitcher filter

AmazonBasics 10-Cup Water Pitcher with Filter Review

Today we will be doing an AmazonBasics 10-Cup water pitcher with filter review. No matter what your friends, family or even the experts say, tap water is never a safe option when it comes to drinking. You never know what else is accompanying your water on its journey inside your body. So, always make sure […]

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Best Home Water Filter Pitchers

Best Home Water Filter Pitchers: The Easiest Way to Have Filtered Water

In this article, we list some of the best home water filter pitchers that are available in the market. We all have the right to get access to clean and drinkable water. During the olden days, we had to boil the water or add other things in an effort to filter it. Yet nowadays, it […]

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The Alkaline Water Pitcher Review – 2.5 Liters

The Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

Water filtration is the process of removing impurities by cleansing the water with a fine physical barrier. These days, many people have become aware of its importance; hence the emergence of water filters in the market. In the alkaline water pitcher review you are reading we will try to find out if they are important […]

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a glass of water and a filter

Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter: Understand The Advantages

Today’s shoppers are now faced with a high number of products. Hence, manufacturers everywhere are claiming that their product is the best. Logically, that can’t be true, and people often get stuck with researching endless listings of items. All of which seem stellar on paper. Well, here’s the Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter […]

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Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

I hope you like our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review.The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher  is one of the most popular water filter pitcher brands on the market today. A lot of people choose this product despite its relatively high price because of its guaranteed effectiveness in filtering tap water. This product is rigorously tested by […]

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a glass of splash water with ice on top

Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher by Health Metric Review

The premium alkaline water filter pitcher by Health Metric is one of the best performing options on the market. It impresses users with its high-quality performance. For instance, it is able of delivering a high pH level. With consistent results at or above to 9 pH, it will prove to be one of the best […]

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hands holding glass of water

ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher Review

Today we will be doing a ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher Review.Water filter pitchers are an inexpensive way to access clean drinking water. One of the most popular brands today is the ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher. You can tell that this product from is unique just by how it looks. The design is slightly different from […]

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