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What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Water Filter

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Water Filter and Other Water Filter Maintenance Facts

Water filters are amazing tools to ensure that a household is consuming only crystal-clear, healthy water. Nowadays, water filters also come in portable versions. Which are perfect for trips where a lack of water might prove to be fatal. Since most of us rely on water filters in various scenarios. We should also know what […]

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Best Water Softener for City Water: Aquion FS-220

What is the best water softener for city water? If you’re in a city’s water supply, you may think that the water you use is safe. It is because of the strict standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. On one hand, the EPA regulates local water authorities to reduce. Better yet, remove […]

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The Best Water Softener for Extremely Hard Water

Hard water can strike any home at any time. City water down by the coast or well water on a mountain can be hard. What determines whether you have hard water is the mineral content of the soil in your region. If there’s a great deal of calcium and magnesium present in the soil. Chances […]

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What’s the Best Water Softener Salt to Use: Your Top 3 Options

So, what’s the best water softener salt to use in my water softener?  Before we get into that , lets discuss the importance of water and its impact on your well being. Water is very essential both for our body and household to function well daily. Unfortunately, it is more likely that, the water running […]

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Is A Water Softener Necessary: Major Signs that You Need One at Home

Being a universal solvent, water dissolves everything that is soluble, and that includes hard water minerals. Have you visited a friend with “soft” water and noticed how shiny their sinks look and how just a small amount of hand soap lathers richly? That’s the magic of a water softener at work. Let’s take a closer […]

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Best Eco-Friendly Water Softener for Your Family

The Best Eco-Friendly Water Softener for Your Family

The Best Eco-Friendly Water Softener for Your Family Does your water leave a white residue on your bathtubs? Are you seeing a calcification around your faucet? Do your clothes feel stiff and dirty coming out of the washing machine, because detergents are not doing the job? If you answered yes, then it’s time to find […]

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Best Water Softener for Large House

The Best Water Softener for Large House

When You Need The Best Water Softener for Large House While minerals like calcium and magnesium are beneficial for the body, they cause water to be hard. The more of these minerals dissolved in the water, the harder your water becomes. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon or GPG. You can begin to […]

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Types of Water Filters Choosing the Best Filter for Your Needs

Types of Water Filters: Choosing the Best Filter for Your Needs

Let’s discuss the different types of water filters today. The process of filtering or purifying water has been around since 2000 BC according to ancient Greek and Sanskrit writings of that era. However, unlike today wherein water is being purified to filter out contaminants. Back then the purpose of water purification was to improve the […]

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Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

When we hear fluoride, we think of toothpaste and shiny white teeth. That’s because toothpaste advertisements make us believe that fluoride is a good thing. Unfortunately, what those advertisements do not tell us is that fluoride is actually a type of poison. The question is, do water filters remove fluoride? Let’s see if we can […]

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Do Water Filters Remove Lead?

Do Water Filters Remove Lead? Lead is a major problem for water consumption around the world. Higher amounts of lead can cause multiple health problems, especially on brain functions. There are no real mass solutions except replacing the old piping systems, but this is expensive and is not happening at a rate that most users […]

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