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Of Pitcher and Faucet Filters Which Should You Buy

Of Pitcher and Faucet Filters: Which Should You Buy?

Water filters come in different types, with pitcher and faucet filters being the most popular. As a potential buyer, which do you prefer more? Do you think both of them could really work well and meet your needs? Read on and learn the basics of how these filters function. You may also want to prepare […]

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Water Filtration 101 Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

Water Filtration 101: Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

You landed on this page probably because you are thinking of buying a water filter for your home. As a customer, you should know that doing so may be a challenging task. Water filtration is no joke; therefore, you need to make sure you’re getting a good-quality item. But, how do you do that? Which […]

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What is a Water Filter Made of: Some Essential Facts

What is a Water Filter Made of and why? The way that filters work is something that is pretty much standard. It’s mainly because they all are based on one basic principle. And that is to filter out a certain contaminant. The differences in  filters used to rid contaminates from a water supply basically comes […]

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What do Water Filters Filter Out

What do Water Filters Filter Out: The Importance of Water Treatment

Water is essential for life, which means nothing thrives in the absence of it. That being said, modern consumers are getting smarter by learning more about what goes into making everything that they spend money on. The same thing can be said about something as simple as tap water. Hence, one might ask “What do […]

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Can You Filter Lead Out of Water: A Safer Water Supply for Your Home

High levels of lead in water can be extremely hazardous for health. That is why you should make sure that the water supply in your home is free from lead. Although the water that comes from the treatment plants may not have traces of lead. It can accumulate in the faucets or solders. Hence, it […]

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How is Water Filtered in Nature: The Various Ways of Natural Water Filtration

How is Water Filtered in Nature: The Methods of Natural Water Filtration

Where there’s water, there’s life. We can all agree to this simple yet fundamental truth about water. You can live for more than a week with nothing to eat, but you can’t survive that long without water. This  amazing element of life has been around since the dawn of time. How water nourishes life is […]

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