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Clean Drinking Water Is Needed By The Body

Clean Drinking Water Is Needed By The Body: What Water Filter Do I Need?

Many people are often asking themselves “What water filter do I need?” Clean water is needed by the body for people to have healthier lives. Drinking clean water will help them stay away from various illnesses and diseases. There are many methods of filtering water, and there are many kinds of equipment and products that […]

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Do Water Filters Remove Lead

Do Water Filters Remove Lead?

Lead is a major problem for water consumption around the world. Higher amounts of lead can cause multiple health problems, especially on brain functions. There are no real mass solutions except replacing the old piping systems, but this is expensive and is not happening at a rate that most users would hope for. What is […]

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Water Filtration Methods

Water Filtration Methods: Do They Really Work?

If you read water filter reviews, you will see that any kind of filter will make the water cleaner, but the question is, up to what extent. There are many water filtration products that are out in the market today, and if you are planning to get one for your house or business, you should […]

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Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

When it comes to choosing between bottled water and filtered water, you will have to decide on two major factors. These factors are the pricing and the quality of the water. It is estimated that filtered water can prove to be up to 90% cheaper to regular water. This is why it will be very […]

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How To Filter Water

How To Filter Water: Basic Information About It

Water is the basic unit of life, and we need it to stay healthy. We need clean drinking water, and we can get it by filtration. Many people are asking about how to filter water. There are actually many ways to do it, and this article will provide you with the necessary information about water […]

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Is Filtered Water Safe

Is Filtered Water Safe?

If you’re living in an area where tap water isn’t safe for drinking, your options would be to spend a fortune on bottled water or to invest in a water filter. But, is filtered water safe when the water supply is already questionable? We’re all under the impression that one of the best methods to […]

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Why Water Filters Are Important

Why Water Filters Are Important: Myths vs. Facts

Unbelievably, there are quite a number of myths surrounding water filters. Perhaps the most common is that water filters are all the same and they aren’t that important, especially if the water district is providing your home with safe potable water. To clear up the most common misconceptions about water filters we’ve decided to discuss […]

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Of Pitcher and Faucet Filters Which Should You Buy

Of Pitcher and Faucet Filters: Which Should You Buy?

Water filters come in different types, with pitcher and faucet filters being the most popular. As a potential buyer, which do you prefer more? Do you think both of them could really work well and meet your needs? Read on and learn the basics of how these filters function. You may also want to prepare […]

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Water Filtration 101 Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

Water Filtration 101: Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

You landed on this page probably because you are thinking of buying a water filter for your home. As a customer, you should know that doing so may be a challenging task. Water filtration is no joke; therefore, you need to make sure you’re getting a good-quality item. But, how do you do that? Which […]

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