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Why Water Filters Are Important

Why Water Filters Are Important: Myths vs. Facts

Unbelievably, there are quite a number of myths surrounding water filters. Perhaps the most common is that water filters are all the same and they aren’t that important, especially if the water district is providing your home with safe potable water. To clear up the most common misconceptions about water filters we’ve decided to discuss […]

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Of Pitcher and Faucet Filters Which Should You Buy

Of Pitcher and Faucet Filters: Which Should You Buy?

Water filters come in different types, with pitcher and faucet filters being the most popular. As a potential buyer, which do you prefer more? Do you think both of them could really work well and meet your needs? Read on and learn the basics of how these filters function. You may also want to prepare […]

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Water Filtration 101 Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

Water Filtration 101: Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

You landed on this page probably because you are thinking of buying a water filter for your home. As a customer, you should know that doing so may be a challenging task. Water filtration is no joke; therefore, you need to make sure you’re getting a good-quality item. But, how do you do that? Which […]

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