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Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review

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In this article, we will be covering the Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review. Have you ever consider the contents of tap water? Germs, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other microorganisms are a viable concern in our water supplies.

Given that, some or all of the pre-mentioned contaminants may fill the water running through our taps! In this case, you definitely need to explore some options if you share these concerns.

Of course, buying mineral water off the shelves is always an option, but consider traveling. Thus, the ever-increasing costs of those bottles, and the hassle of carrying the load to your home every week!

So, why make things so difficult for yourself, when there’s a compact sized and convenient solution?

Introducing the Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration FWP-1 Review!

Clean, clear water is a privilege. Thanks to the ‘Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System,’ safe drinking water is accessible and affordable for almost everyone today. Also, the filtration system uses reusable cartridges in the package. This makes it environmentally friendly and trouble-free.

The product operates simply. First, the tap water flows through the filter. Then, the carbon and ion exchange inside the pitcher cleanse it of all its unsafe contents. Besides, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t eliminate the good stuff completely. You still get all those vital minerals and nutrients in your glass.

Another thing, a single filter can clean about 17 ounces or 40 gallons for you. While, it has no adverse effect on water’s taste, quality, and quantity. Surely, there’s no need to go looking for those giant water refill-bottles or heading towards the filter plants.


Equally, with the No products found., you can make the most out of both convenience and affordability.


In detail, the Clear genius water pitcher filtration system comes with a pitcher, pod, and cartridge. Equally important, there’s a unique rubber ring around the neck that reduces leakage. Hence, keeps it firmly in place so as to prevent leakage.

Next, it helps reduce contaminants, including the chlorine smell and taste. Making the water taste even better than some of the reputed mineral water brands.

As a result, you can have a filter tap water with convenience at home, or wherever you want.

Not to mention, you’ll enjoy a mineral-enriched, contaminant-free and safe drinking water.

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The Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System features:

  • A pitcher with a capacity to hold six cups at a time.
  • Includes a reusable cartridge, filter pod, and a Clear Genius pitcher.
  • Eliminates mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine and cadmium.
  • NSF approved O-ring tightly seals and prevents leakage.
  • Long lasting and reusable cartridge included.
  • Filters over 40 gallons of water.
  • Manufactured from BPA free elements.


  • Firm fitting and quality seal that prevents leakage and fall-outs.
  • BPA free and accredited by the Water Quality Association.
  • Before refilling, it does not have to be soaked like the other filtration systems.
  • Reduces zinc, chlorine, cadmium, copper and other contaminants.
  • Can filter over forty gallons of tap water.


  • It’s not ideal for a large gathering or family.
  • In looks, not very stylish.


In general, the filtration system for the Clear Genius Water Pitcher is not only safe but also healthy and certified. It’s not just a very convenient system. However, it also works to provide you with a glass of tasty, safe water whenever you need it.

The jug can usually hold a maximum of six glasses of water at a time. It’s fit for a small business or family.

It also removes the chlorine smell and taste that is often added to the tap’s disinfecting water.

In addition, while it makes the tap water fit for human consumption, it does not filter away all those essential minerals and salts that our bodies need.

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Since water can be a source of countless diseases, pollutants, and other contaminants. Let’s not go into the details of how ugly things can get. Still, it is best to get a quality and reliable filtration system.

In the same way, it doesn’t just make things easier around the house but can also lead to savings. Another basic benefit of these pitcher filtration systems is that they are very convenient. For instance, with the pitcher on your table, you don’t have to carry those huge and heavy mineral water bottles. By the same token, you don’t have to mount them on the water dispensers every time.

The PUR Classic Water Filtration System vs. Clear Genius

In short, if we compare it to another famous model in the market today. This PUR Classic Water Filtration System does have a capacity for up to 11 cups. But, the quality and function are not as reliable as the Clear Genius. For one, it doesn’t come with a firm fitting seal; water may fall or leak with time.

Since you would want something that lasts and you can take to other areas with ease. Clear Genius is high-quality manufacture while the PUR classic is, let’s just say, not made for long-term use. Apart from the leakage, there are other issues as well. Like for instance, the filter may not last, or it may have functional issues sooner than you’d expect.

Then, since these are quite portable, you’d want them to work like the regular pitchers filtering out water in just seconds. Clear Genius is fast, efficient, and wherever you take it, you get the job done. On the other hand, the PUR Classic takes a bit more time to filter out the water. Added to that, it does require a pre-soak, unlike the former brand.


Therefore, if you want quality, healthy and safe water for drinking, the No products found. is above all, the best model you will find in the market. Again, it not only works as promised. But, it also gives you delicious, mineral-enriched and bacteria-free water.

You can take it with you wherever you go and gulp away a refreshing glass with peace of mind.

Correspondingly, the Clear Genius water pitcher filtration system is certified for safety and also has a great FWP-1 review. It keeps you drinking healthy. Furthermore, it protects the water from most contaminants that can have adverse effects on your health. Not only that, but it also tastes great with filtered water. It also has all the minerals in a glass of water you need.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, this water system doesn’t just decontaminate the water from the impurities and harmful elements. But also, cleanses it of the chemicals that are part of the disinfectants and other water treatments, including chlorine.

To sum up, for its high quality and durability, the Clear Genius water pitcher filtration system is highly recommended. Thus, the effectiveness of removing impurities in each sip and giving you the same water quality. Lastly, we hope you liked the Clear Genius Water Pitcher Filtration System FWP-1 Review.

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