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Cool Gear Water Filter Filtration Infuser Pitcher Review

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Pure, healthy and safe drinking water is not something to be taken for granted. While there may be countless options today to get water in its healthy state, it may still not be a completely accessible facility for everyone. Today we are going to do a Cool Gear Water Filter Filtration Infuser Pitcher Review.

Mineral water bottles, installed-filtration systems, filter plants in your vicinity, may all be there but it often it is the convenience that takes the decision for us. Plus, if you are thinking about making a trip around town or a detour up the mountains with your friends, you definitely need clean and clear water that is fit for consumption.

Enter, the Water filtration pitchers.

How to Filter Water With a Water Filtration Infusion Pitcher?

What better way to make the most out of the easily available tap water than by simple filtration? A quite recently introduced product, the pitcher filtration system, doesn’t only make the job much easier but gives you fresh, clean and filtered tap water within seconds right where you are.

The Cool Gear water filtration infusion pitcher has a capacity to filter over two liters of water. Also, it uses replaceable filters. The basic package includes the pitcher, a single filter, and an infuser tube.

With a fruit infusion water pitcher, you can enjoy not just water without contaminants, but your favorite flavors and tea! Furthermore, a unique benefit of the pitcher is that you can infuse your favorite tea and fruity flavors to make your own tasteful drink.

Made from BPA-free materials, this pitcher can help increase your water intake the fun way. In addition, it makes water less boring and more interesting by letting you use the infuser to add your favorite flavors, fruits, and even vegetable flavors to add to its taste.

The filter can last a long time, and you can indulge in your favorite aromas and tastes as per your liking. So, take water intake a step ahead with the No products found..

Stay healthy and hydrated the fun way!

Cool Gear Water Filter Filtration Infuser Pitcher Review for You

The cool gear pitcher comes with the infuser tube, pitcher, and a filter. Moreover, you can add in your favorite flavorings to the infuser and get a unique array of colors and taste. It can also serve as a great pitcher during parties or events or just to give yourself the special treat about any day right at home.

The filter is made from the carbon, originating from the coconut shelves that make it natural and chemical free. It further makes the water tasty and drinkable, taking away the contaminants and harmful elements from it.

No products found.

Furthermore, it features also include:

  • It is built with string BPA-free plastic that makes it sturdy and durable.
  • The jug also contains plastic filter lock to prevent leakage.
  • It also includes pitcher, filter and infusion tube.
  • The jug uses disposable filters. Each filter can clean 100 gallons of water.


  • Aesthetically stylish and elegant than other models
  • Filters and infuses
  • Free from BPA
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • The jug is not made of a very high-quality plastic material.
  • Doesn’t have a large capacity


The Cool Gear filtration system is not just effective for getting clean and fresh drinking water but also lets you infuse your choice of flavor to the water. It also comes with an infusion tube that allows you to add the flavor directly into the pitcher.

Certainly, you can now get safe and healthy drinking water and also remarkably increase your water intake when it tastes just the way you want it to.

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While you will find countless options for these pitcher filters, in the markets, making the right choice can be quite tricky. Remember, the first thing to look for is the functionality. Therefore, the water filter has to work; there’s absolutely no other way about it.

The Cool Gear water filter filtration system is a quality product that not just lasts for years but gives you the same taste, and quality in every glass.

If we take a look at the Alexapure Pitcher water filtration system. For instance, it too is a quality product and can help get rid of the contaminants. Also, the whole make up is free from BPA and in fact, is FDA-approved.

However, all these elements really don’t do much for the product itself, if it leaks or doesn’t last.

On the other hand, the Alexapure pitcher does not have a secure fit around the rim, and you may end up spilling water all over.

Alexapure comes with two filters, to offer increased protection from contaminants, and also includes a filter primer in the package. Whereas, Cool Gear just has one strong filter that contains the carbon naturally available in coconut shells. This makes it natural and perfect for the health as it doesn’t harm the body in any way.

Physical Characteristics

While the Cool Gear comes with a nice plastic construction with a barrier on top that keeps it firmly fitted and in place. Hence, things stay under control at all times. Moreover, Cool Gear offers more than just simple filtration; you can make interesting drinks by infusing the water with flavoring. In other words, it truly provides a lot of benefits than Alexapure.

If you are more into aesthetics, you will find the cool gear pitcher is quite a looker, especially if you want to make use of it at parties or other events. The unit is available in three colors –green, pink and blue – and looks like an interesting piece of art.

In addition, cleaning and maintenance isn’t a hassle at all with Cool Gear. Also, each part can be separated and cleaned; a feature you wouldn’t find in the other pitchers.


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In conclusion, if you are looking into making drinking more fun and, of course, to increase your water intake the No products found. is a great choice! The pitcher looks beautiful and gives you the taste you need and is the perfect addition to any party.

Give yourself a little bit of special treatment and make your flavored tea or detox water, whatever you prefer in the Cool Gear Pitcher. Therefore, this pitcher is totally a thumbs-up for stirring up some excitement and gulping fresh, safe and healthy water in the true sense!

Be excited to create your own flavors of refreshment. We hope you liked our Cool Gear Water Filter Filtration Infuser Pitcher Review!


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