DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

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In this article we will be discussing the DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Review.Water filtration is one of the processes needed to turn tap water into clean and safe drinking water. However, this process is a bit complicated. That is why many homeowners choose to use water filters.

Beyond removing contaminants, water filters also help enhance one’s overall health. Furthermore, these days, many people are becoming health conscious; hence the success of health-related products in drawing the attention of potential buyers.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

You can survive for days without eating solid food but you can’t live without taking in any fluid. This is because 60 percent of our body is water. However, aside from survival, here are some health benefits of drinking water:

Water promotes maximum performance

If you’re a physically active person or your career requires extreme physical strength, then, you need to stay hydrated all the time. For instance, intense workout and physical training are dehydrating. Exercising becomes difficult because your energy level decreases. To get back  strength and keep motivated you should  drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

High water consumption may treat constipation

Constipation is common among children and the elderly. Therefore, an increase in fluid intake can help relieve this condition. Moreover, carbonated drinks also show similar evidence although the logic behind it has yet to be established.

Hydration affects your brain function

A study among women reveals that 1.36 percent loss of fluid impaired the subjects’ mood and concentration. Similarly in a study among men, it was found that fluid loss of 1.59 percent can adversely affect one’s memory. Henceforth, it increases feelings of agitation and extreme tiredness. Related studies also showed that mild dehydration could reduce memory and brain performance of children and adults.

Drinking water may help treat headaches

Dehydration can cause headaches and migraines. Although, some studies attest that water can indeed treat headaches. Another study declared that water did not affect the frequency of headaches although it reduced the duration and intensity. It seems though that prevention and treatment depend on the kind of headache.

Water prevents hangovers

Since alcohol is diuretic, you tend to lose more water than you consume when you engage in a drinking spree. As a result, this may lead to dehydration and cause a hangover. A glass of water before going to bed or consuming water between drinks can reduce or prevent it.

If you’re looking for a good-quality water filter, you may check the DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher”]. It is said to be one of the best items you can find on the market. In addition, it comes with features that cater to the different needs of its users.

Features: DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

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This filter not only sports a slim and ergonomic design with an easy-to- pour spout, easy-t0- fill lid and an ergonomic handle, but is also equipped with a multi-stage cartridges.These cartridges are composed of ion exchange resins, tourmaline, carbon, and mineral balls that are quite capable of removing toxins while fighting off free radicals at the same time.

It does all of this and adds alkalinity to level off the ph in your water. The technology that goes into this pitcher allows it to eliminate odors and filter out many known minerals such as lead, copper and zinc

The cartridge s are able to remove most of the contaminants in your water, including heavy metals, chlorine, and bad odors and smells. Not only that, but the filter will also remove lead, zinc, copper, and other contaminants, providing healthy filtered water for 60 days or more, depending on your water source. Every stage in this muti-stage filtration  system has its own special job from softening the water through its own Ion-exchange to polishing it for great taste and odor control with its activated charcoal filter. This system does it all folks!



  • Easy-to-fill lid allows users to fill the reservoir more easily and without the need to remove the cover.
  • Has the capacity to help the body absorb water more easily.
  • Ergonomic handle provides a lot of comfort to users.
  • Allows you to pour water without mess.
  • Slim design mainly allows it to fit in any refrigerator.
  • Instantly produces good-tasting water.
  • Works well in providing the benefits of alkaline water consumption: eliminates toxins, fights off free radicals, and increases pH levels. Can likewise help the immune system and improve energy levels.
  • Has a faster drip compared to other similar products.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Well-designed.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It is economical.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Approved by FDA
  • Generally works great.
  • Works as advertised.
  • It is of high quality BPA free material


  • It tends to clog internally. You need to rinse it out to get water flowing again; hence the inconvenience.
  • The water tends to leak through its sides.

Who is This Product Best for?

As we discussed previously, its slim design allows it to fit in any refrigerator. Therefore, if you’ve got a small-sized refrigerator and you aim to save space this water filter pitcher might be the product you are looking for. It is also best for customers who are looking for a high-quality yet affordable water filter pitcher. Lastly, this product caters to the needs of those who want to truly reap the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Replacement Filters

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DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher comes with a combination of exceptional features and benefits; from providing comfort to doing what it claims to do. Its attractive appearance and the comfort it provides also make it stand out among the numerous options you can find on the market.

Catering to the needs of its potential users and the environment as well, this high-quality product is definitely worth a buyer’s money and trust. While you may experience inconvenience due to its downsides, such drawbacks are outweighed by its upsides.

If you plan to buy this water filter pitcher, make sure it matches your needs. For instance, you have to check if it is enough to sustain your family with healthy water. Failing to do so may lead to unwanted experiences no matter how generally good the product is. We hope you found the Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher review to be both interesting and informative .

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