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Express Water Whole House Water Filter System Review

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Express Water Whole House Water Filter System Review For You

If you’re looking for an Express Water whole house review, then you have come to the right place! Not everyone is blessed to live in areas where you can drink straight from the tap. Buying bottled water every day is not only harmful to the environment but the costs can definitely add up throughout the year.

If you’re an advocate for a cleaner environment, then another choice is to get already filtered water delivered to you regularly through a subscription service. While less costly and more environment-friendly than buying bottled water , you still have to weigh its pros and cons.

Things such as delivery schedules, water gallon storage, as well as inventory time to make sure you still have enough water before the next delivery can be very time-consuming.

Time and money saved in the long run, sensitivity to different environmental concerns, and most importantly,  ease of use are among the reasons why more households are choosing to have their very own water filter system right in the comfort of their own home.

However, with the variety of options available for different filtration systems, and also the confusing terms used to differentiate each one, it can be quite a challenge to choose which one is the best.

The Express water’s whole house water filter system review provides you with information that assures you and your family’s water safe and clean.With so many companies out there promoting their own filtration system as the best, we’re here to help you decide  which one to choose .

You would ideally want a system that is efficient ,affordable and will last  years with minimal maintenance and repairs as well as one that will be easy to install as well as easy to use..

This system offers everything you need from a water filter. Not only will it protect your family from unhealthy water, but will also remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Express Water Whole House Water Filter System  features high-quantity chemical absorption technology   which will  save you time and effort. It  will also save you money by requiring fewer filter changes on a per gallon basis.

Features: Express Water Whole House Water Filter System Review

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The Express Water’s Whole House Water Filter System comes with the following features:

  • The system comes with a water pressure test gauge that is easily determines the incoming water pressure with a working pressure of 150 PSI at maximum.
  • In addition, it also comes with a pressure release button in the filter housing allowing for easier replacement of the cartridge.
  • The system has a Female Thread that measures 1 inch and filter housing wrench that measures 6 inches.
  • It has a Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter Housing Canister Wrench which can easily fit into most one to four-stage Reverse Osmosis system filter housings whether you have countertop water filters or whole house water filters that use 4 ½ by 20 inches filter cartridges.
  •  System weighs in at 65 pounds and measures at 29.75 by 29 by 24.25 inches.
  • The first stage is a five Micron sediment filter  that is melt blown with thermally bonded 100% pure polypropylene microfiber made to lessen the presence of dirt, silt, rust, and the like.
  • Next, is the G.A.C filter or the Granular Activated Carbon filter.
  • The last filter makes use of Express Water’s Carbon Block CTO water filter cartridges.
  • Key specifications of these filters include the removal of organic chemicals, chlorine, and odd odors and tastes in your tap water.
  • In addition, the filters have been verified and tested by independent laboratory testing, and is also flexible with health standard that conform to NSF/ANSI 58 Standards
  • the carbon filters are made from coconut shell carbon, offering a finer filtration.


  • The System works perfectly at eliminating odors and any particles that may be  in the water before the system was installed.
  • Immediate huge improvement in water quality and simple enough to install
  • There’s no noticeable drop in water pressure after the system has been installed.
  • The stainless-steel cage and pressure gauges not only function well but also look good!
  • Gauges are factory set to monitor  water flow.


  • Found that the ¾-inch FPT inlet and the outlet of the system are tapped quite loose which could eventually lead to leaking.  You may need to break out the Teflon tape to stop the leakage should this occur.

Express Water Whole House Water Filter Summary

Express Water’s Whole House Water Filter System provides you with everything you could possibly need from a filtration system.

This three-stage filtration system ensures that all harmful chemicals, dirt, and odors are carefully removed from  tap water. Its measurements are  up to the standard of the industry and will fit into a variety of structures.


Comparison to Hydro-Logic Catalytic Carbon filter

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In contrast to the other systems on the market the Express Water Whole House Water Filter System has a three-stage filtration system.

In the  table below you can  see that  HydroLogic’s water filter  makes use of  a 2 stage Reverse Osmosis System that is effective but can’t claim to match the  peace of mind  that Express Water’s Whole House Water Filter System provides with its three-stage filtration. The three stage system eliminates many more contaminates than does HydroLogic’s 2 stage system.

Of course, the three-stage filtration is not the maximum amount of security achieved in filtration stages. There are other filtration systems on the market that uses a five-star filtration system if you desire even more bells and whistles, such as, the APEC Premium water filter system. All of these bells and whistles will of-course come at an additional cost.

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The three stage filtration system and filtering sequence is what lends to the superior quality of the Express Water system. In conclusion, the Express Water Whole House Water Filter System not only functions well, but also is at the top of industry standards for fair price. Considering it has features that minimize the need for cartridge replacement that will save you time and money in the future,The Express Water Whole House Water System is undoubtedly a system that is very much worth the investment.

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