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How to Change PUR Water Filter Pitcher to Make it Last Longer

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As with any water filter pitchers, minimal maintenance will be required for PUR’s design. This will basically involve changing the filter and the process is not complicated and only takes a few steps.

PUR also removes or decreases 97% of chlorine’s taste and odor directly from the tap, leaving water crisp and fresh.

Changing the filters is important as it will provide the base for the optimum performance, even when you will feel that the pitcher can go on with the filtering process.

Most people want cleaner, purer drinking water to enjoy, but that’s just part of the equation. Think of how much water you use in the kitchen and dining area. 

Brita pitcher water filters provide means of removing contaminants from drinking water, ensuring that drinking water is safe.

Why You Should Know How to Change PUR Water Filter Pitcher?

You should know how to change the PUR water filter pitcher. Replacing the water filter of the pitcher plays an important role in the whole lifecycle of the product. The explanation behind this requirement is simple.

As you add up the filtered water, so does the residues the filters collect. When they can’t collect any more residues such as lead, you will have to replace them with new filters.

This is why the filter-changing process will be quite often. You will need to ensure they are performing at the best capacity. Thus, a regular pitcher can offer up to 1600 cups of water before you will need to replace the filters.

The good news is that replacing the filters only takes a few seconds and you can thus do this yourself.

Steps to Replace Pur Water Filter

When you figure out how to change the PUR water pitcher filter. You will see that there are certain steps you must follow. First of all, you will need to follow the LED light on the lid. As long as the light is green, you are able to use the filter to purify the water. In time, the light will turn to yellow and you will know you are now required to change the filter.

This simple indication is a correlation to the usability level of the filter. Thus, when the filter is full, the LED indication on the lid will turn to yellow.

For the best results, you will then need to remove the old filter from the pitcher. The new filter will then be placed into cold water. You will leave it to soak for at least 15 minutes. Soaking the filter actually requires you to completely submerge it into the water.

For the following step, you will remove the filter from the soaking process. You will set it aside on a paper towel where you will leave it to dry. You will then completely flush the new filter under water for a few seconds.

Before placing the filter back in the pitcher, you will need to ensure all elements are completely clean. Thus, you can use a dishwasher or manually wash the pitcher and the tray. After this step, you are ready to place the new filter back into the pitcher.

Before you start using the pitcher again, you will need to hold down the filter button on top of the pitcher. This will allow you to reset the filter and have it ready for use.

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How Residue Affects the Water Filter?

There are many elements which can affect the filter and many users will find that the lifespan of the filter will depend on the water quality in their area. For example, water rich in lead residue will impact the filters differently from water rich in chlorine. This is why you will need to experiment to see the best results in your home. Because this process was subjective, the manufacturer introduced the LED indication.

With a dedicated LED light on top of the lid, you will now have a clear understanding of the usability of the filters. Thus, when the light is green you will be able to drink the water. The best part is that the filter will work with many types of residues. Furthermore, when the light turns yellow, you will need to replace the filter. This step is required. Even if the water in your area comes with a single issue such as lead, or with simply a lower pH level. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter which types of problems you are trying to solve with the pitcher. You will need to replace the filter as soon as possible.

The Expected Performance of a Water Filtration System

PUR offers an extensive lifespan for their filters. Thus, you will be able to filter 40 gallons of water before replacing the filter. This offers about two months of purified water for the regular user. Thus, you will be in the position where you can use the pitcher in many locations, not just in your home.

The pitcher can work in your office or workspace as it will offer a convenient and durable option for water filtration. Furthermore, you will be able to use it at home, especially if you have a large family. Since it might prove complicated to change the filters more often with other brands. PUR offers a better perspective which comes with a considerable amount of purified water. The best part is that it will largely depend on you to find the best time to replace the filter. Most users are expected to change the filter on the same day when the yellow light turns on. Delaying this process will only result in poorer performance.

Just as with any other type of filter, how to change the PUR pitcher filter is essential for the best performance. The best part is that the manufacturer has considerably simplified this process. Thus, you will be in the position. Where you will have a clear expectation on what to do especially with the LED lights. The filter will thus prove easy to change.

For the best performance, you will need to remember to soak the filter first and then rinse it with water. Furthermore, you will need to wash the filter tray and the pitcher before placing the new filter into its location. This will only improve the overall performance of the pitcher. The simplest methods to ensure the best results in the long term. Once you change the filter a couple of times you will notice that the whole process doesn’t take too much time. Your water needs to be as clean as possible and this will not be achievable if you are filtering it with old filters.


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