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Most Effective Water Filter Pitcher

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Today we will be discussing the most effective water filter pitcher for your home or travel.

When it comes to filtered water there are a few good options to choose from for  best performance. This is why it can be so important to find the best water filter pitcher for your own needs. Since they might be different from person to person.

For example, not all water filter pitchers can work to remove lead or chlorine and this is why it will be a good idea to see which impurities you will need to remove in order to see the best results.

Top characteristics to look for in the most effective water filter pitcher

When it comes to the best performance of a water filter pitcher, there are a few characteristics which will determine the ultimate results. They include the filtering process, duration, the filtering technology, durability and even the design of the pitcher.

Filtering process

The filtering process can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is why you will find that this process can actually be determined by the simple layering of the filter. Thus, many filters come with a two-step filtering process. However, it is not unusual to see a more complex 7-step filtering process in some products.

This will be largely influenced by the available technologies and even by the price of the product. Usually, the more simplistic designs will come with a more affordable price-point. Although even the best filter pitchers will prove to be accessible to most people.


The duration of the filtering process is also important. This is why some manufacturer made their designs with the aim to make the process longer so that the water will be in contact with multiple filters for a longer period of time. This approach has been seen with many manufacturers and can thus be an indication of what you can expect in terms of the overall performance.

But the duration of the filtering process is also affected by the technologies in use. Thus, you will see that the carbon filters will not need a long period of time to positively impact water. Most of these filters are made using materials which are easily penetrable.

Filtering technology

There are a few technologies on the market and the most popular options will also prove to be more affordable as their manufacturing cost consistently gets lower and lower. Thus, a regular pitcher can deliver around 800 glasses of water before the change of filters is required for the optimum performance.

Even more, you can find that the top technologies on the market will also positively impact the duration of the filters.

They can deliver up to 1600 glasses of water when in line with the quality materials from the market. The Ion exchange technology is one of the most interesting approaches which are at the core of the alkaline process. Thus, the technologies aim to positively impact the pH of the water.

Most pitchers will deliver a final pH between 8 and 10. The best pitchers will constantly offer a pH higher than level 9.

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The design of the water filter pitcher is quite important as it will determine its daily usability. You will be able to find a classic design with a handle, or designs that are straight angled ,which will make cooling in the fridge easier. Furthermore, you will find that most pitchers will be able to offer a better perspective on the type of liquids you can use. Many users don’t know that the most versatile pitchers can also serve other types of liquids.

For example, a carafe pitcher can work to serve wine, milk or even tea. There are a few glass options on the market which can resist extreme temperatures. This is why they can work for both cold drinks such as iced tea or for hot drinks.

The design of the modern pitcher also comes with a very important element. Usually placed on the lid, the digital filter status display will be the most important indication on the most effective water filter pitcher. Many of these products come with a digital display which will show you when to replace the pitcher.

This is why it will be so important to find the best solution when looking to maximize the performance of the pitcher with the best and cleanest filters. This cannot be done unless you have a clear indication on the usability percentage. Thus, the complex digital displays will show you the level of usability in percentages. While the basic displays will only indicate when you need to change the filters altogether.


The objective of the water filter pitcher is to remove as many impurities as possible. These  impurities can come under the form of lead or other heavy metals. But the level of chlorine can also be considerably diminished as is the level of fluoride. Thus, it will prove quite important to find the best solution when looking to purify the water at the top level.

Since many filters offer different types of results. It is important to know that you can even expect a different taste of water. Many users have reported improved taste with the best filters. This can also be based on the improvement in the active hydrogen concentration.

This can have a positive effect on your hydration since it will make you drink more water. Thus, the most effective water filter pitcher will benefit you in various ways.

The top manufacturers on the market are also very proud of their patented technologies. This is why you will discover that the best products come with a money-back guarantee that serve as an insurance policy against faulty water filter pitchers. Furthermore, you will have an increased certitude on the quality of the water pitcher which will be at the highest level if you know which product to choose.

Thus, a complex technology with multiple steps filtration will be required for the optimum performance. Together with durable filters, it can represent a solid base for the most effective products.

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