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PUR Classic Water Filtration System Review

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Access to clean drinking water is one of the basic necessities to ensure your family’s health. Because tap water can contain harmful contaminants, many people are now trying out water systems like water filter pitchers. If you are looking for a good brand, look no further than the PUR Classic Water Filtration System a quick review.

What makes this product different from other options on the market is that it uses MAXION Technology, which is unique to the manufacturer. PUR has created a filter that uses carbon and ion exchange to promise maximum reduction of water contaminants as well as traces of pharmaceutical chemicals.

In simpler terms, their filter is more effective at turning tap water into a cleaner and fresher-tasting drinking water for your consumption. In the meantime, the carbon filter is created from coconut shells heat treated.

This No products found. pitcher can serve a maximum of 11 glasses of water measuring 8 oz. each. It features a comfortable grip handle and a lid for easy refilling. The lid is also thumb-activated and covers the entire pitcher. In order that no bacteria or foreign object can enter the system. The filter can filter up to 40 gallons of water and can last for approximately 2 months. The plastic material is BPA free, and both the pitcher and the filter are recyclable.

PUR Classic Water Filtration System Features

  • Large water filter pitcher that can serve up to eleven 8-oz. glasses of drinking water
  • Filter light indicator to notify you when it’s time for filter replacement
  • Includes one easy-to-use filter
  • Able to remove 96% of harmful contaminants like mercury in the tap water
  • Able to remove 95% of chemical or industrial pollutants
  • Reduces the odor and smell of chlorine
  • Makes water healthier and better tasting with their MAXION filter technology
  • BPA-free and recyclable
  • Recommended change of filter after 40 gallons or every two months
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Thumb-activated lid that covers the entire opening of the pitcher or the water reservoir
  • Tall, slim and space-saving design to fit in the fridge

No products found.


If you are going to try a water filter pitcher for the first time. It’s better to buy one that has been trusted by consumers for a long time. One such product is the PUR Classic Water Filtration System in which has a great customer review. Like many other popular brands of water filter pitchers, it is affordable. This alone makes it a decent choice. However, there are many other reasons why this is one of the most popular brands. This brand has been producing high-quality filtration systems for a long time.

So what makes it different among the rest? While other water filter pitchers can only hold up to 6 glasses of water. This one can hold 11 8-oz. glasses of clean water in one pitcher. It might be large in size, but its slim and tall figure. Wherein it allows you to store it in a refrigerator door.

Even its filter is unique. According to the manufacturer, the MAXION technology filter is made of heat-treated coconut shells. Because of that process and the overall design of the filtration system, your drinking water is cleaner, fresher and odorless.

The activated carbon filter can reduce the amount of mercury and other metals including zinc and lead. Aside from this, it can also remove industrial pollutants.

The carbon filter can be used for 40 gallons, which is in line with most other water filters. That means you have to replace the filter after 40 gallons. To keep track of the number of gallons filtered, there is an integrated Filter Change LED indicator light in the pitcher. When it needs to be replaced, it will turn from green to red.

The pour spout also has a cover to prevent contaminants. Lastly, there is also a trap door on the lid so that you can easily refill the reservoir with water.


While it has many advantages, this water filter pitcher also has a number of disadvantages. One major drawback of this product is its heavy weight, especially when it is full. You will find it hard to carry the pitcher. Not to mention pouring fresh water into your glass unless you support the bottom. For this reason, some reviewers warn new buyers. To be aware of the handle attached to the pitcher, which can break if you are not careful.


With these issues aside, the No products found. is a great water filter pitcher. Its filtration system is effective in making your water clean and drinkable. Its lid cover is also notable. In spite of all these features, the water filter pitcher is sold at an affordable price.

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