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SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle Review

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In this SOKLIT sports water bottle review, we will discuss why picky people choose SOKLIT. There’s really nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to the things that go into your body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just about performing at the top of one’s game, but also by making the right sacrifices.

The human body requires proper nourishment and care to thrive and push past limits, so it’s only natural that active individuals will go the extra mile to get the best possible care. Basically, it needs a lot of water to function, and choosing the right water to drink might seem to be a simple task at first.

However, as soon as one dedicates a bit of time for research, it’s easy to see that a lot of water sources are tainted with carcinogens, bacteria or unwanted chemicals.

A quick fix for that would be to install a water filter. But, it’s hard to have quick access to filtered water at all times. Or is it? Not really because of the invention of sports water bottles—a byproduct of the dedication and effort that people put into living healthy.

Having a portable, reusable bottle will ensure that an active member of the community will have access to crystal-clear drinking water at all times. Either from the office or the home kitchen filter, this water will stay fresh for longer, giving users the energy they need to get through the day.

Hence, let us review one water bottle that can be used by both children and adults.

SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle

There’s nothing better than a quick sip of water to quench a thirsty mouth after a jog, a gym session or a hike.

Imagine running out of fluids in a place where there are no stores or other reliable sources. The SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle aims to provide water to those who like to keep moving. As a result, they created a water bottle that

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  • Colors Available: Blue, gray, and red
  • Temperature resistance is up to 120 degrees Celsius
  • Made of 100% BPA-free and medical-grade silicone materials
  • Softer exterior than other polyester bottles
  • High-capacity 36-ounce tank
  • Has filter cap for herbs and other ingredients
  • Leak-proof cap design
  • Integrated strap


  • Great for using with multiple beverages (hot or cold)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and great for an active lifestyle
  • Easy to carry around
  • Also eco-friendly since its reusable
  • Certified by FDA


  • A filter cannot filter out impurities from water

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A Detailed Look at the Product

The SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle is built with a sturdy and soft exterior. As a result, it brings the build quality needed to be a reliable, reusable bottle. Made for extended use, this piece of sports gear should be in everyone’s backpack or gym bag.

  • The Body

The 100% BPA-free design allows users to store copious amounts of water without worrying about its quality degrading as well as toxic chemicals leaking from the bottle’s material to the drink. Also, the reduced rigidity makes it more comfortable to use, which is something rare in sports water bottles.

That is a nice touch which simply shows that SOKLIT had a perfect mindset when they designed this athlete-designated water bottle. With that feature plus its temperature resistance levels allow you to place not just cold water but also hot beverages.

  • The Cap

What’s the most usual type of cap found in filter water bottles? A straw mouthpiece. Well, there’s none of that with the SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle.

The cap is designed to pop off, thus, revealing the rigid mouthpiece. This means that there will be fewer incidents where the bottle accidentally spills the water stored. The cap is also fitted with a rough filter.

However, the filter doesn’t trap very fine particles or impurities. It’s more like a strainer, hence, is good for lemon seeds or tea leaves. Thus, it’s great for city use, but it doesn’t have the capacity or the features to be an outdoor accessory, so filling it with water from unsafe sources might result in a quick trip to the E.R.

While some people might find it frustrating that it’s not a filtered water bottle, it never aimed to be such a product. So, make sure to fill it up with filtered water for the best results.

Nevertheless, the concave cap placed at the top of the item is both easy to open and close with a single hand. This is certainly a great feature for runners and joggers when one-handed operations are essential in keeping a steady rhythm. The cap is also made to be leak proof, making it safe and easy to store for various activities, including biking.

  • The Warranty

As top shelf manufacturers, SOKLIT provides an 18-month warranty with this particular item. This shows the team’s commitment to its product and the confidence that this water bottle is built to last. Hence, you can save money and stay hydrated with this amazing product.


It’s important for one to do proper homework before shopping, even if it’s for something as simple as a reusable water bottle. Let’s take a look at one item that is a direct competitor to the SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle.

The MyFriday Travel Collapsible Water Bottle is in a similar price range compared to the SOKLIT product. In addition, by using medical-grade silicone and BPA-free materials, MyFriday managed to make a highly-portable foldable water bottle. As a concept, it’s very smart and a lot of people can put such an item for good use, but some things were lacking in the execution.

Firstly, it won’t sit up straight unless filled to the brim, which means that it can’t be reliably placed in a backpack’s outer pocket or a bike’s bottle cage without risking to lose it. Also, the floppiness of the material will result in accidental leaks, which is something very uncomfortable to deal with on a daily basis.

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In conclusion, the SOKLIT Sports Water Bottle is a simple and effective way to have a good amount of water stored to carry on various physical activities. It’s not only reliable but also durable and easy to use (even with one hand!). Although a filter would be a nice addition, it’s one of the best reusable water bottles on the market.

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