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The Best Rated Water Filter Pitchers: Your Top two Choices

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In this article, we are going to take a look at two of the best rated water filter pitchers to see which one reigns supreme. We are not merely talking about high ratings here since it is already a given that the pitchers in this list have high enough ratings to be included.

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Ratings are a good gauge of whether a product is good or not. More often than not, as consumers, we tend to check the ratings before we purchase a product. Because, what more can a review tell you as compared to the ratings of the people who have already used the product, right?  In this article we are going to take a look at some of the technical aspects as well as the benefits one pitcher has over the other.

We will also touch on the advantages and the disadvantages to see which one the two is most worthy of  being the best of the best rated water filter pitchers that your hard earned money can purchase to ensure clean  and healthy water for your family.

Brita Wave :  Loyal to the end

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People who used the Brita  keep on rating them as the best rated water filter pitcher due to the fact that this brand promotes customer loyalty. Consumers just keep on buying different variants of this same brand.

It’s a huge thing when customers patronize a brand because it means that the product is really effective. It is also a vanilla flavor type of product when it comes to filtering the water meaning that most of them do the job  mostly in the same way, only in this flavor the main  difference is that this one has two filters in it which means it gives you double the filtering power. So it provides for a fast and efficient filtering process.

It is also a huge pitcher as it can hold up to 10 cups of water. The new design is made to fit most refrigerator doors which is a big plus . Additionally, it is made to be much more durable which always means that it is constructed with the best materials so that it last for a long time.


Other than doing the best job of filtering  water, this  pitcher can do the job much faster than the others due to its double filters design that is capable of filtering out contaminates as well improving the taste.

Brita’s filter also proves to be tough on fluoride and lead, which some of the best rated water filter pitchers in this list, would find a bit of difficulty with. The filters are also very durable and last for a long period of time.


Due to its size, it is not ideal for children to handle this pitcher. When filled to the brim, it can be really heavy and must be supported with two hands. The handle would most definitely not break due to the pressure. But still, support is definitely needed to be on the safe side.

 Naples Naturals AOK108BLUX1 Alkaline Water Pitcher

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The Naples Naturals AOK108BLUX1 Alkaline Water Pitcher is the only one on this list that has numbers in its name. And as technical as it sounds, this product also delivers a lot of technical know-how that ensures great tasting and clean water every time.

Hence, it is a revolutionary water filter pitcher since it not only filters your water from harmful substances such as chlorine, lead, zinc or fluoride, but also makes your water alkaline. As everyone knows, alkaline water has a lot of health benefits.

It maintains a good level of pH in your water. It also filters fast and has an electronic indicator, so you know when it is time to change your water filter. This device boasts a sleek design that makes it easy to pour, and even easier to refill.


This product really belongs to the best rated water filter pitchers list as it has a lot of useful features. It turns regular tap water into a very healthy alkaline water and also minimizes the metal taste of alkaline water.

It is as if you are just drinking regular fresh mineral water. Most people shy away from drinking alkaline water even though it has a lot of health benefits because it tastes awful. But this water filter pitcher  neutralizes that bad taste while delivering the many benefits of alkaline water has to offer

The design also differs from the other water filter pitchers as the filter locks from the top, compared to the others that are just dropped in.


It takes a longer time for the filtering process to be complete but the wait time is worth it.

The Best of the Top Two Best Rated Water Filter Pitchers

The cut above the rest is the No products found.. Just for the fact that it provides alkaline water as compared to the other two contenders that do not.

It is also a plus that this water filter pitcher neutralizes the bad taste that alkaline water is known  to have. With that being said, we are pretty sure that most people would go for this water filter pitcher as it turns water alkaline, but at the same time, it still tastes like good distilled water.

Final Views

Although it does filter the water  a little bit slower, the wait is definitely worth it. Since, in the end, you have a clear and fresh tasting water that is also healthy. You would also not need to refill this as much as it can hold a lot of  water.


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