The Best Water Filter Pitcher for Lead Removal

The Best Water Filter Pitcher for Lead Removal

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Finding the best water filter pitcher for lead removal could be somehow difficult due to the various pitchers that are readily available for us. Apart from that, not all water filter pitchers are made the same. Some were designed to just filter the water while others were made to make an entirely different type of water.


One of the reasons why there is a filtration system for drinking water is the presence of lead. This substance can have both a positive and negative impact on a human body. But up until now, the effects are not that certain. To make up for this uncertainty, we just have to put up with safeguards such as using a water filter pitcher.

The cases of lead poisoning are overwhelming compared to the benefits of ingesting lead. So it is sometimes really scary to drink water from an unknown source because all we want to do is to quench our thirst and not die, right?

Dark humor aside, this is a serious case, and the water filter pitchers that we use at home should also take this matter seriously. So which among these three would most likely save you from lead poisoning? Read on to find out.

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Fengli Water Purifier Filter Pitcher: The Rookie Water Filter Pitcher

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This water filter pitcher is not that new in the game, but it is still deemed as a rookie as not a lot of people stand by it. This is not due to the fact that the product is not good, but this product does not get the marketing prowess that it deserves. It still has to get its name out there.

It claims to reduce impurities from your water such as chlorine, zinc and, of course, lead. The size that it has is pretty compact compared to the other water filter pitchers in this list. This was maybe optimally designed for travel, but you can also use it at home.

When it comes to its filtering technology, it is just standard. The water goes through the filtering chamber, and in turn, it filters all the harmful chemicals, and you are left with clean drinking water. Simple as that.

Fengli Water Purifier Filter Pitcher: Advantage

The only advantage that we can really say about this is just it is very easy to take everywhere due to its small and compact size. This is perfect for people who go camping, and want to drink filtered water anywhere at any time.

Also, since it is quite small, water spillage is prevented as even though you fill the pitcher to the top, the spout could still hold the water in as it is slightly slanted upwards.

Fengli Water Purifier Filter Pitcher: Disadvantages

We would tell you this early on in this article that this is not the best water filter pitcher for lead removal. This pitcher has stayed as a novice; even though it has been in existence for a long time since it is not that effective in eradicating harmful chemicals.

In itself, it is not even that confident as to claim that it can remove everything. The keyword that it uses is “reduce”. But even though you are drinking water that still has trace amounts of harmful substances, it just still tastes as regular and clean drinking water.

Now, this is scary. It is as if the water filter pitcher masks its own inadequacies with clean tasting water. It is like saying, “I know that the water that I am drinking may still contain lead, but it tastes clean, so I do not care.”

Utopia Kitchen Water Pitcher: The Plus-Size Water Filter Pitcher

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If the competition is about size, this water filter pitcher takes it all. But no, we are talking about the best water filter pitcher for lead removal. But this pitcher is still a good contender.

Let us first talk about the obvious feature of this pitcher which is its size. It has the biggest overall holding capacity in this list. It can hold up to two liters of water in its filter chamber alone. More so, three and a half liters in its overall pitcher capacity.

It also has a digital indicator as to when you should replace the filter. This feature is pretty handy as you do not have to guess whether you should buy another filter, or just keep using the present one.

It can reduce the presence of harmful substances such as copper, cadmium, chlorine, or mercury. You are also left with a clean tasting, almost tasteless drinking water.

Utopia Kitchen Water Pitcher: Advantage

Let us address the elephant in the room – the huge size of the pitcher. Due to its holding capacity, you can filter as much water as you want. This would be perfect for families as you do not have to refill this pitcher countless times.

The digital indicator is also really useful because you do not have to worry if your water filter pitcher is still effective as you can directly see if you need to replace it.

Utopia Kitchen Water Pitcher: Disadvantage

The biggest flaw of this water filter pitcher is that it is not that tough on removing lead from the filtered water. Just like the Fengli Water Purifier Filter Pitcher, they claim that this water filter pitcher can only reduce the presence of those harmful chemicals.

This is very dangerous as we are talking about lead poisoning here. We would not let our children drink from a water filter pitcher that only reduces the presence of lead right?

But at the end of the day, it still does its job. It filters the water. But up to what extent? We do not know. And we do not want to take the risk.

Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Water Filtration Pitcher with Alkaline Filter: This Is What You Came For

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This is the water filter pitcher that you were looking for when you stumbled upon this article. We are sorry for the read. But hey, you have to go through bad ones to further enjoy the best one right?

This water filter pitcher makes your regular tap water into alkaline water. It also balances out the water pH level, so you need not worry about water that is too acidic. It can also remove up to 99.9% of harmful substances in your water. At the same time, it can retain the healthy minerals in it, so you would not just be stuck with plain water.

Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Water Filtration Pitcher with Alkaline Filter: Advantages

You are guaranteed that you would drink water that is lead-free. Finally, in a world of “reduces,” there is a product that can “eradicate.” Not only does it get rid of the lead, but it also removes all traces of chlorine, zinc, cadmium, and other harmful substances.

Its filter could also last for a long time. It is proven to last longer than Zero Water filters and Brita filters so you would not have to keep on repurchasing filters just so you can have pure filtered drinking water.

Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Water Filtration Pitcher with Alkaline Filter: Disadvantage

This water filter pitcher does the filtering process so slow that it is not ideal to drink from it right after refilling it. So you really have to keep in mind when you fill the pitcher with water as it takes quite a long time to filter it.

However, this con could also be a plus since the logic behind it is that the pitcher takes its time to filter the water because it is making sure that all the harmful chemicals are filtered. So definitely, the wait, in this case, is worth it.

The Best Water Filter Pitcher For Lead Removal: The Clear Winner

Let us say it all at once: Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Water Filtration Pitcher with Alkaline Filter. It really was not a competition.

Well okay, this pitcher also has design flaws and size inconsistencies, but at the end of the day, all we want is clean and pure tasting water that is absent of lead, and this water filter pitcher is the way to go.

The No products its competitors by leagues with its filtering technology as it can get rid of impurities for up to nearly 100%. Another plus would be that it does not filter out the healthy minerals, so you get the proper nutrients needed in alkaline water.

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