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The Best Water Softener for Extremely Hard Water

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Hard water can strike any home at any time. City water down by the coast or well water on a mountain can be hard. What determines whether you have hard water is the mineral content of the soil in your region.

If there’s a great deal of calcium and magnesium present in the soil. Chances are, that these minerals will be transported by rainwater to water systems, and then be seeped into the underground water storage. Either way, these minerals are what make the water hard that may be running through your own tap.

Public water systems, unfortunately, do not always do a great job removing hardness minerals. Due to the fact that they are operating on such a massive scale of water and end-users. So, hard water can really be a big headache.

In fact, it can even cause skin problems for some people. Hence, can be the number one enemy of your pipes and appliances.

The harder your water the more prevalent negative effects you’ll suffer. Therefore, many homeowners are researching options. Thus, investing in the best water softener for extremely hard water that they can find.

Clear Manifestations of Hard Water in Your Home

Flaky off-white residue on your sinks and tubs

Mineral deposit scaling is a very clear sign that your water needs softening. It’s caused by the special composite left by calcium and magnesium after the water has evaporated.

A scale can build up anywhere your hard water touch. Be it on your shower heads, tubs, sinks, and faucets. This chalky mineral deposits can really be difficult to scrub off.

The same thing can happen to your expensive appliances, leading to costly repairs and replacements. So, if you just got a new home and seeing these signs, then most likely, you’ve got hard water running in your tap.

Water spots on your dishes

Typically, you can expect sparkling clean glassware and dishes when they come out of your dishwasher. There might be a little spot or two on your clear glasses if you run out of rinse aid.

If this is not the case, and your dishes still have that crusty whitish spots on them, it’s another good indication that you have hard water. Rinse aids will have a hard time to counter those spots left by very hard water.

So, only the best water softener for extremely hard water can totally get rid of this problem.

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Clogged pipes because of mineral deposit build-up

An excessive amount of calcium and magnesium in water can be problematic. It’s not simply because they’re present but also because they bond to anything they touch. This includes the inside of your pipes which get coated in scale.

As this buildup continues and more scaling happens, your water pressure can drop significantly. If this is left unattended, your water slows to a clogged trickle, as it can’t get easily through the mineral deposits.

While chemical cleaners may help a bit in removing the mineral buildup. The best water softener for extremely hard water will completely solve this issue, once and for all.

Your Clear Choice as The Best Water Softener for Extremely Hard Water

If you’re dealing with all these signs of hard water in your home, it’s high time that you get the best softening system capable of softening you water. In order for you to save your appliances, pipes, dishes, and even your skin all at once. So, you might be wondering which water softener will be worth your investment.

Don’t worry, because we already did the job of researching who deserves to be hailed, as the best water softener for extremely hard water. The clear winner is:

Discount Water Softeners Revolution 40,000 Grain Water Softener.

Discount Water Softeners Genesis Revolution 40,000 Grain Water Softener – Digital Metered -Maximum Flow Rate, High Efficiency Up Flow

While this system softens your water, using the same ion exchange process that common salt-based softeners employ, it does so with an upgraded 10% crosslink resin. It means it can soften your water in a much better way than the standard 8% resin, at 40,000-grain capacity.

Rethinking regeneration: The Upscale Model

What really makes this product stand out from the rest, is its up-flow regeneration technology that enables for a more precise recharge of the resin. Unlike the typical downflow regeneration, the up-flow design allows the system to recharge only the depleted resin. Added to that, it doesn’t force dirty water through the already charged resin.

This up-flow model gives you 20 gallons of softened water per minute. It’s that strong!

Add to that is the short recharge cycle that this system undergoes. Most of the water softener models out there regenerate when they reach maximum capacity right away while some delayed it until 2 am.

Immediate regeneration means you won’t access soft water while the system is regenerating which can be so inconvenient. Therefore, delayed regeneration has been designed to not regenerate until after midnight, when you are sleeping and won’t need soft water.

However, delayed regeneration can still let unsoftened water to pass through. This is because the system continues to supply water even after it reached its filtering capacity.

To avoid both inconveniences, the Revolution Water Softener by Discount Water Softeners regenerates a short cycle. Also, to partially cleanse itself once it detects the system dropping below 3%.

It does so without a long interruption of service. Moreover, it continues to undergo short recharge cycles until when it can fully regenerate at 2 am. It’s smartly designed this way to ensure you get what your family deserves – soft water.

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Intelligent digital control

The technology used by this system is said to reduce your salt discharge by up to 75%! This is due to the intelligent digital control valve that the system uses. The settings help minimizes your water wastage as well as the amount of salt used by the system.

The control is smart enough to adjust salt usage based on your actual household use. It can even let you adjust the frequency of the backwash according to the quality of your water supply.

You can do all these at the tip of your fingertips, through the system’s LCD touchpad display that’s easy to use.

As if, those great inventions are not yet enough, the unit also features an automatic flush cycle after 7 days of non-use, to prevent any bacterial growth.

All of these features are well-thought out just to provide you with nothing but clean, soft water.

Last Thoughts

When it comes to dealing with hard water, there’s nothing more satisfying, than to experience sparkling clean dishware’s, shinier sinks and tubs, softer skin, clogged-free pipes, and spot-free appliances.

All of this is achieved, when using the best water softener for extremely hard water – Revolution Water Softener by Discount Water Softeners.

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