Best Water Softener for Large House

The Best Water Softener for Large House

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When You Need The Best Water Softener for Large House

While minerals like calcium and magnesium are beneficial for the body they cause water to be hard. The more of these minerals dissolved in the water, the harder your water becomes. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon or GPG. You can begin to see the possible ill effects of hard water at around 4 grains. That’s when you need to find the best water softener for a large house if you live in a large house.

It’s true that hard water may be safe to drink if not heavily contaminated with harmful impurities. But it can lead to embarrassing, inconvenient, and costly problems.

The cost and inconvenience of having hard water is even more magnified if you have a big home.

So, a wise investment would be the best water softener for a large house you can find. To help you better understand why many homeowners have opted to invest in these amazing water softening systems, let’s look at some facts about hard water.

Some Facts You Should Know about Hard Water

Fact #1: About 85% of American homes have hard water

Nearly all the world’s natural water supplies contain at least some degree of hardness, while most contain high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium.

This means the water you’ve been using may contain some amount of hardness minerals that may be affecting the efficiency of your appliances. Hence, limiting the cleansing ability of your equipment.

Fact #2: Hard water can reduce service lifespan of your equipment

Scaling is perhaps the most common consequence of hard water. The gradual buildup of mineral deposits in pipes can be a very costly process.

As the scale continues to form, your water flow will be significantly reduced. When the scale builds up your water heater, heat will not be transferred as efficiently as it should be. In this case, coils may overheat and can result in repair issues or worse, expensive replacement.

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Fact #3: Hard water will affect cleaning efficiency and leave ugly films

Compared to using soft water, washing with hard water requires more effort and greater amounts of cleaning agents. This is because when hard minerals in hard water meet detergents a soap curd is produced.

This soap curd interferes with the cleaning power of your chemical cleaners while leaving an unsightly film on the surfaces. Not to mention, that hard water also leaves ugly and hard-to-clean spots on everything it touches, on your sinks or tubs.

Fact #4: Hard water can dry your skin and make clothes dull

As an effect of the reduced cleaning power of your detergents. Your clothes, and linens that you’ve just washed still look dull and feel rough.

Also, in the same way, soap won’t lather or rinse nicely when you bathe or wash your hair with hard water. This makes your skin dry and your hair dull, making you look unhealthy.

So, what’s the best solution to all these miseries if you have a large home? The best water softener for a large house of course.

What’s the Best Water Softener for Large House

Given the plenty of water softeners available in the market. You may wonder which amongst them will be your best choice. No need to worry because we have a thorough research of which product deserves your trust and investment.

After reading through pages of system performance reviews, this system makes it to the top of the list, as the best water softener for a large house. First up, the system has a whopping 60,000-gallon capacity, making it perfectly suitable for your large family home.

Aquios Jumbo Full House Water Softener and Filter System

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Salt-free softening technology

Add to this is the fact that this system is salt-free, meaning, you don’t need to spend on bags of salt and electricity for it to work. Instead it uses a food grade polyphosphate additive called siliphos that does a great job preventing scale buildup on your fixtures and appliances.

This alternative to salt-based softening technology means that you won’t have to deal with that slippery feel after a bath that most salt-based softener users complain about.

What’s more, if you’re under a strict salt-intake diet then Aquios is specially made for you.

The added perk of a filtration system

The unit serves as your all-in-one system that not only conditions, but also filters your water while eliminating scale buildup without the loss of water pressure. It’s a go-to system if you don’t want to spend more on purchasing a separate softener and filter systems.

Apart from effectively removing the hardness from your water this system also works great at filtering chlorine, organic impurities, and even bacteria. You can now get rid of that foul smelling and bad tasting tap water.

Come to think about it, this jumbo and combo system will save you a lot of money saving you the expense of buying gallons of bottled water to drink.

This is just some of the many reasons, why it deserves to be hailed as the best water softener for a large house.

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Hassle-free maintenance and installation

The manufacturer of this system left no stone unturned to make sure that it works just as great as its salt-based counterpart. Being a salt-free unit, you don’t have to be worried about complicated maintenance tasks.

You just need to change the cartridge once it’s all used up. That’s about 5 or 6 months of conditioning and filtration.

When it comes to installation, most users were surprised that a water softener takes only about an hour to install.

By ensuring that hard water won’t build up on your pipes and appliances. Aquios Jumbo not only balances out the number of minerals in your water but purifies it, too!

What you get at the end of each filtration process is nothing, but pure and healthy water for your entire family.

The Bottom Line

If you still have doubt about this product, let’s clear it up by also highlighting the excellent customer service that the manufacturer provides. In case you encounter any potential issue, Customer care will help solve your problem as fast as possible.

Lastly, to give you total peace of mind. The quality of the system is of no question since it comes with a 20-year warranty on both the valve and the housing.

The best water softener for large house ?We say yes!

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