The Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener

The Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener

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Do you live in a hard water infested area or get your supply from a private well water? If the answer is yes, then you’ll highly benefit from  finding and installing the best whole house water filter and softener  that you can find in your home.

Why the best whole house water filter and softener ? Simply because hard water contains many hard-mineral deposits that has been known to corrode and damage home plumbing systems and all your appliances, or worse, because it shows no mercy to your skin.

Hard water  even makes your hair dry and look very dull. This is why many seek out the best whole house water filter and softener that they can find. Let’s take a vote; Who wants dry skin and hair?

Don’t lose hope because there’s a way to eliminate all these problems forever.  Investing in the best whole house water filter and softener available to you  means no more clogging of your pipes, extended lifespan of your appliances, softer skin, and shinier hair.

It’s our goal to help you find the best water treatment system that will give you the greatest value for your money.

Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000: The Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener Worth Investing In

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Among the top-rated water treatment products, Aquasana ranks high in overall satisfaction and enjoys a worldwide reputation in purifying contaminated water.

Unlike most point of use filtration systems, this whole house system will treat your water at every outlet in your home, resulting in cleaner and softer clothes, no more embarrassing spots on your kitchen-ware, and healthier skin and hair for your entire family!

Let’s take a vote: Who would rather have soft skin and shinier hair?


You are sure to benefit from all the following features:


Smart Design:

 One thing you’ll love about this system is its unique up-flow, dual tanks and multiple-stage design, that’s engineered for mind-blowing filtering and softening performance. This smart setup, referred to as Rhino, increases water contact time with the contaminants and hard mineral attractive media, ensuring you get the purest and softest water possible.

Superb Removal Capability:

Aquasanas smart design makes it one of the few models exceeding NSF standard in removing over 97% of chlorine from your water if you’re on a city water supply. It can even perform for up to 1 million gallons of water. It’s that strong!

Not only that, it can also significantly reduce potentially harmful contaminants that might be lurking in your private well,such as, heavy metals, organic chemicals, and industrial pollutants from large volumes of water up to 500,000 gallons.

If you’re already impressed, wait, there’s more. This system also employs powerful UV Sterilight radiation which the manufacturer claims will effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses up to an impressive 99.99%.

This means you’ll never encounter any microbial contaminants in your water, saving you from going to and from the ER,many thanks to the activated carbon filter that the system uses to deliver its outstanding filtration capacities.

Let’s take a vote: Who wants to go to the ER? Not us, and that’s why we consider this to be one of the best whole house water filter and softener on the market!

Salt-Free Softening Technology:

 Unlike salt-based water softener systems, Aquasana will not add more salt to your diet. Instead, it changes the chemical composition of hard mineral ions, including calcium, magnesium, and even iron, so that these unwanted minerals won’t bind and cause problematic scale buildup in your pipes and appliances.

If you’re under strict sodium intake diet and want to promote eco-friendly lifestyle, then this system is no doubt the best whole house water filter and softener option you can have.

No Back-Flushing Required:

 Another stand-out feature of Aquasana Rhino is its very low maintenance and high efficiency since it does not require back-flushing. Unlike other water filters, you don’t have to busy yourself on maintaining this system.  Basically, just change the filters when they need changed.

Besides all these benefits is the added protection for the system as it comes with both pre-filter and sub-micron post filter, preventing dirt and sediment particles to enter and clog the main filtering unit.

Best of all,at the end of this smart filtering and softening process is a better tasting, healthier water for your family to enjoy. Thanks to the pro-kit included in the package,with just a basic plumbing know-how, the installation process will be easy and fast.

Weigh the pros and cons to determine if you think this model deserves the title of the best whole house water filter and softener for your family.


  • High water filtration capacity
  • NSF certified
  • Salt-free softener
  • Advanced up-flow technology
  • Ideal for all kinds of household water


  • May require professional plumber to install properly



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Considering all of the benefits of Aquasana Rhino, you will not hesitate to have one installed at your home. Sad to say that water treatment industry can be confusing with so many products competing to win your hard-earned money.

So, to further help you make an informed decision, let’s make it clear why Aquasana deserves to be the best whole house water filter and softener by checking on some of its closest competition.


The Pelican PSE 2000 whole house water filter and softener

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This system claims to provide the same filtration and softening benefits in one unit. While it can remove most contaminants including chlorine, it works poorly in addressing the hardness in water as most users have noted. It has also been reported that the vent for the sediment filter tends to leak due to the spring inside the filter unit.

Not to mention the much higher price of Pelican, costing you several hundreds of dollars more but with less performance and satisfaction rating.


ABCwaters built Fleck 5600sxt water softener with up flow carbon filtration.

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Another close competitor is also labeled as one of the top-rated water softeners on the market. While it can remove a wide range of contaminants such as chlorine, chemicals, and organics, it won’t work well in eliminating pathogens from your water.

It also uses salt in softening water, making it not suitable if you have any issues with sodium intake.

The Verdict:

Who wins the best whole house water filter and softener badge?

Given the amazing features and capabilities mentioned earlier,  we feel thatAquasana Rhino EQ-1000 deserves the top spot. It effectively works both as a filter for removing a lot of pollutants and softener for addressing hardness in your water. Being a complete system, it fairly ensures that only safe and healthy water is produced and that’s what your family deserves.

Let’s take a vote:  Who deserves safe and healthy water ?


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