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Wamery Slim Water Filter Pitcher Review

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Wamery Slim Water Filter Pitcher Review. Every year, millions of people all around the globe fall victims to affects of numerous waterborne diseases and, in extreme cases, even lose their lives.  The very same water that is essential for keeping us hydrated, healthy and alive can become lethal if we are not careful with it. Who knew that drinking water could be deadly?

Are you sure the water you are drinking is safe? The only way you can be totally sure of  your waters safety is to have your water tested for contaminants and impurities. Another way to be sure is to have a proper water filtration system installed in your home. But, not everyone can afford an expensive water filtration system and you just can’t quit drinking the water. So, what to do? The solution is far too easier than it may seem.

Invest in a good quality water filter pitcher and bid farewell to all of your worries. Water filter pitchers have been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and there are many reasons for that. First of all, they are cost-effective, secondly and most importantly, they provide you with cleaner and healthier drinking water. They even make your water taste better.

The WamerySlim Water Filter Pitcher is a brilliant, inexpensive substitute for the conventional water filtration system that makes clean drinking water easily accessible for everyone. With this filter pitcher in your home, you will never have to worry about ingesting any viruses or bacteria along with your water.

The pitcher features a very small and handy design that doesn’t only save up a lot of additional space, but can also fit literally anywhere, be it the fridge door, tabletop or the corner of your kitchen counter.

The small lid on top of the pitcher allows you to quickly fill it up without removing the whole lid, thus, saving you both some time and hassle. Moreover, the whole lid is spill-proof, so it stays firmly locked in its place and doesn’t allow the water to leak out while pouring.

Wamery Slim Water Filter Pitcher Review

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The filter that accompanies the pitcher uses four levels of water filtration that include ION exchange resin, charcoal, coconut activated carbon, and micro mesh filtration. All of these stages ensure that the water you get as a final result is free from mercury, copper, cadmium, lead, and other harmful metals.

Each filter can clean up to 160 liters or 42 gallons of water in its whole lifetime. This means it will run up to one month if you fill your pitcher thrice a day and two months if you fill it up once or twice per day.

You can also use an optional alkaline filter with this jug. The alkaline filter distills your water while boosting up its pH. The water with raised pH quickly hydrates you while repairing your muscles, so it’s especially ideal for you if you are athletic or health conscious.

The entire filtering process also removes any odor from the water and makes it taste better than regular  tap water.

There are various impressive features that this pitcher possesses. Let’s take a look at them all.


  • The Smaller size of the pitcher also increases its portability and ease of carrying.
  • Can be used as an alternative to water
  • Water you filter from this pitcher can be used for numerous purposes like cooking, watering your plants, feeding your pets, and more.
  • Jug has the capacity to accommodate six cups or one and a half liters of aqua at one time.
  • There is also a manual timer placed on top of the jug that notifies you when it’s time to change the filter.


  • Compact and space-efficient design that can easily fit anywhere.
  • Made of durable and resilient BPA free plastic.
  • Manufactured under strict quality standards.
  • The buildup of hazardous metals removes.
  • Removes stench and chlorine from the water.
  • Improves the taste and quality of water.
  • Very light in weight with an ergonomic handle.
  • Has a tight-fitting lid that prevents water from seeping while being poured.
  • Optional pH filter
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Doesn’t have a digital timer.
  • The capacity of the pitcher is limited.
  • Alkaline filter is not included in the complete package and has to be purchased separately.
  • Filter longevity isn’t that high in comparison to other popular models from other brands.


The Wamery slim water filter pitcher brilliantly and effectively eliminates any bacteria, germs, odor or other dangerous elements from your drinking water. Not only does it make your faucet water a healthy beverage, but it also improves its taste to a notable extent.

The lightweight and slim design of the pitcher, with its non-drip lid, is very comfortable to hold and it takes very limited space. Lastly, the best thing is that it is made of highly robust, BPA-free plastic, which means it is almost indestructible.


We compared the Wamery pitcher with various popular water filter pitchers that are currently available in the market and found it to be on par with them all. For example, the Wamery pitcher uses high-quality BPA-free plastic material like BritaEveryday and Aquagear.

All of them essentially eliminate the presence of chlorine, metals, odor, and other harmful agents from your water while augmenting its taste but Wamery costs much less than the other two. Only, capacity wise, the Wamery pitcher is on a bit lower side, but that’s the most you can have in a compact sized pitcher.

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To sum it up, we can say thatWamerySlim Water Filter Pitcher presents a perfect blend of some really wonderful features. There are numerous things in this pitcher that caught our attention, the most important of which is its slim design that makes it possible for you to keep it inside your refrigerator, unlike the others.

We love how well-constructed and durable it is and how efficiently it purifies the drinking water through its four filtration stages. It may not be the best water filter jug in the market, but it’s certainly above many.

Whether you want to filter water for drinking or for other purposes, like making tea and freezing ice, this highly durable pitcher is surely going to make your life easier. Hope you enjoyed the Wamery Slim Water Filter Pitcher Review!

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