Water Filtration 101 Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

Water Filtration 101: Filter Types and Signs that You Need One at Home

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You landed on this page probably because you are thinking of buying a water filter for your home. As a customer, you should know that doing so may be a challenging task. Water filtration is no joke; therefore, you need to make sure you’re getting a good-quality item. But, how do you do that?

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants? Which faucet filter works the best? A water filter comes in different types, and you need to consider a lot of factors depending on your choice.

Filter Types

Here are the common types of water filter. Each could be the best option depending on your budget, filtration needs, personal references, and a lot more factors:


A pitcher is the most affordable type of water filter. Normally, pitchers have a capacity of six to 12 cups. What’s good about it this type is that it is portable and can be stored in the refrigerator.

However, it may take time for pitchers to produce filtered water. Also, they can only filter your water in limited amounts at a certain time. Another disadvantage is the need to frequently replace the filters.


stainless-faucetIf you want a filter that can produce large amounts of clean and safe water, a faucet filter could be a great buy for you. It is convenient to use, and it often utilizes multi-stage filters.

Take note, however, that this type of filter could be prone to leaking and clogging. Make sure to buy a high-quality one to avoid such issues. Also, take note that you might not be able to use it on every faucet especially those that do not come with adaptors.

Whole house

Also called point-of-entry, this is the most convenient type of water filter as it is directly installed into the household’s main water line. It works on all the water in a house; therefore, it offers the best benefit a user may want to enjoy. Just make sure to be careful enough when choosing your item.

These are just some of the several water filter types that you may want to use. Feel free to do more research and pick the one that could meet your needs. As a homeowner, you should be wise enough to choose the item that could be beneficial to you in different aspects.

Signs You Need to Filter Your Water

Not known to many, the water running through their homes may cause some damage that they might be associating with something else. This is because the water is not filtered. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the signs that your water needs filtration. Here are some:

Strange water taste and smell

You may have probably heard some comments regarding water with mineral- or metal-like taste. Should you hear the same comments about your water at home, it is time to have it filtered. In connection to this, you may also notice that your water smells strange.

Hair loss

Did you know that your water’s condition and the overall health of your hair are somehow connected? The chemicals found in tap water can ruin your hair and make it dry and brittle. Consequently, your hair may break easily; which could make you appear like you are suffering from hair loss.

Family members getting sick

As you know, contaminated water can lead to various diseases like cholera, dysentery, and more. If you or your family members start catching these illnesses, it may be an indication that you have been drinking dirty or contaminated water.

Problems with washing clothes

Unfiltered water causes problems with your soap. It may not allow the soap to eliminate dirt, and the minerals in it have the tendency to cling to clothes. If you wash your clothes in unfiltered water, they might feel stiff and their colors may become dull.

Stains on water fixtures

While soap should dissolve easily in water, the opposite happens due to the presence of metals and chemicals in tap water. For this, soap scum appears on the water fixtures and could result in stains if not cleaned immediately.

Should you experience some or all of these conditions, then it is time to buy a good-quality water filter for your entire home.


Water filtration provides numerous benefits, from enhancing one’s health to maintaining certain household items and homeowners’ belongings. Water filters come in many types, each catering specific needs. For this, proper education on these devices is a must so as to avoid unfavorable incidents.

Also, you should be certain about what you want and need to be able to pick the best buy for you. Take note that what works for your neighbors may not work for you. Should you forget all these pointers, you might end up choosing the wrong item and wasting your time and money in the process.

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