Who Makes the Best Water Softeners

Who Makes the Best Water Softeners: It’s Fleck

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Is My Water Hard or Soft?

Hard water minerals  in your water supply can wreak havoc on anything that it encounters, some consider this problem just a fact of life that  must be dealt with and consider it no big deal. Those whom do their due diligence about the topic are soon to ask the question, who makes the best water softeners?

Municipal water:

Some who enjoy municipal water supplies assume they are immune from this problem and that municipal water is treated and conditioned prior to entering their home, so not to worry.

The hard truth is that hard water has been blamed for costly repairs and breakdowns not only in residential settings but also water received from boilers or cooling towers in industrial plants. Those whom do their due diligence about the topic are soon to ask the question, who makes the best water softeners?

Private Water Supplies:

When it comes to residential settings, hard mineral deposits in water leads to limescale build-up in your water heaters and other household appliances.

Hard water will also inhibits suds formation of your soap and detergents, as well as make you feel unclean by drying out your skin and hair.

“This soap just won’t lather no matter how much of it we use” is a common complaint of those whom are plagued by this everyday affliction. In this case, a reliable water softener may be your saving grace!

Who Makes the Best Water Softeners? It’s Fleck

Upon going through extensive research and reading reviews of water softeners available online, the name that stands out is no other than Fleck.

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Fleck is a globally respected and trusted name within the water treatment industry who manufactures some of the top rated and best water softeners you can find.

To give you a full proof of why it tops the others , let’s take one of its best water softeners that is finding its way into a lot of American homes.

Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener and Iron Filter Fleck 5600SXT

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This system offers the best of two worlds of water softening and iron removal which means no more red or brown stains in your laundry,or even more frustrating, mineral deposits in your pipes and appliances.

What Does it Remove?

Being a salt-based water softener, its bread and butter is total elimination of calcium and magnesium deposits which are the greatest cause of the hardness in your water.

This system removes hardness minerals up to 75 GPG (grains per gallon) for a total capacity of 64,000 grain resin bed, providing you a longer lasting water softening service and for sure, softer and healthier skin, not to mention a shinier head of thick luxurious hair, too!

Another great bonus that you get with this Fleck system is its iron filtration capabilities that also removes rust, sediments, and even manganese.

While you can enjoy total iron-free water as high as 8 PPM (parts per million), Fleck Iron 2 Combination is more than capable of removing clear water iron up to 10 ppm as well as removal of manganese up to 6 ppm!

What you get at the end of each filtering process is much cleaner and purer water. Fleck does so through the help of a fine mesh resin that’s specially made to treat high levels of iron in your water. This is especially beneficial if you are on a private water system


So, who makes the best water softeners? No doubt it’s Fleck.?

Fleck Iron 2 makes sure that your water won’t cause discoloration before it regenerates thanks to its meter-based regeneration system and the tested and proven Fleck 5600sxt digital control.

This kind of control provides you ease of operation, fewer moving parts and a whole lot of information right at your finger tips. You can also set up the unit very simply and program the regeneration to a time when it’s most convenient for you as the user and not just when it’s convenient for the system.

What more is its handy LCD display with backlight, letting you access all the information concerning the system any time you feel the need to do so.

Unlike a timer flow meter, the control system utilizes a turbine-electronic meter that provides you a more precise measure of the quantity of water that the system has treated. As a result, it makes for a much more efficient regeneration rate, saving you on electricity and water wastage.

Equipped with 48-hour memory backup, no need to reset the programming in case there’s a sudden power failure. Everything will be restored, including the remaining water volume data and operational mode settings within that time. So, no need to freak out when you run out of electricity.


Other Great Perks of Fleck Iron Pro 2 System

You will also be amazed to know about Flecks unique regeneration cycle feature, the double backwash. It works with slow and rapid backwashing which improves the overall efficiency of the process.

If you’re thinking about over-filling, there’s no way it will happen in this system as the brine tank is equipped with a safety float. It also comes with an overflow outlet which you can easily link to the backwash drain.

All these things are backed by a 10-year warranty on the tank and 5 year on the valve, giving you a long-term peace of mind.

So, finally who makes the best water softeners? It’s Fleck, hands down!



  •  Combo unit: works both as water softener and filter for iron removal
  •  Uses proven Fleck digital valve
  •  Made for high output
  •  Smart regeneration system



  •  Installing is not a one-man job


Who Makes the Best Water Softeners: The Bottom Line

So, if you’re dealing with hard water problems and looking for a reliable, cost-effective solution, go for a Fleck water softener model.

With all its water treatment processes approved by NSF International and all devices approved by Water Quality Association, you can purchase with total confidence.

Once you have the system installed at your home, you’ll ask yourself why it took you so long to get one.

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